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Cidaut is the Foundation for Transport and Energy Research and Development.

Our main goal is to boost the competitiveness and industrial development
of companies in the transport and energy sectors and in the industry in general.


Los expertos analizan las necesidades del coche eléctrico

Foro sobre el coche eléctrico, en el centro Lecràc. El aligeramiento del vehículo, nuevas baterías y la seguridad son tres de las necesidades que el coche eléctrico debe tener para luchar contra su principal competidos en cuanto a movilidad urbana se refiere, el coche convencional.

Nuevas Tecnologías de Impresión 3D y Digitalización 3D y su Aplicación a la Industria 4.0

 Fundación CIDAUT, conjuntamente con GRUPO SICNOVA y HEWLETT PACKARD, han decidido organizar una jornada informativa en sus instalaciones del Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo (Valladolid) el 27 de octubre de 2016, en la que expertos de estas entidades transferirán sus conocimientos y experiencias en los diferentes conceptos que abordan la fabricación aditiva y de digitalización 3D en el concepto de industria 4.0.

El semáforo inteligente desarrollado en Valladolid se instala en Inglaterra

Semáforo instalado en la calle Royal Parade, de Plymouth.Cidaut ha desarrollado un semáforo capaz de detectar flujos de peatones y vehículos y decidir sobre la marcha si debe permanecer más tiempo en verde para los peatones o para los vehículos, y lo ha colocado en Inglaterra, en el centro de Plymouth, en la Royal Parade.


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27 October, Cidaut
Parque tecnológico de Boecillo, Plaza Vicente Aleixandre Campos nº 2, 47151, Boecillo (Valladolid, España)

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Technical Working Session

latest news in CDTI´s instruments to fund R&D&i projects and opportunities for participation in Scientific Large Facilities.

27 May, Cidaut
Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo, Valladolid

Technical Working Session organized by CIDAUT in collaboration with CDTI to disseminate the different instruments of the CDTI to fund R&D&i projects, and to analyse options to participate to public tenders associated to national and international scientific large facilities.

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March 5-7 2014
Monterrey, México

CIDAUT collaborates in MAINFORUM2025, where critical technology challenges for the global automotive industry during the next 10 years will be addressed.

VIII Máster en Ingeniería de Automoción UVa-CIDAUT

Curso 2016-2017

Information Guide about the implications of the EEMS and action proposals for the Automotive Sector


Globally oriented,
we are already present
in Europe and Latin America


Headquarters (Spain)
Cidaut Germany
Cidaut Latin America

Full Product Development Cycle


Thanks to the multidisciplinary structure of our work groups, we are capable of applying innovation to each of the processes leading up to a new product.

By working closely with our clients, we can act in a coordinated manner, covering conception, specification definition, material selection, design and characterisation, process and behaviour simulation, prototyping, optimisation, and validation testing, to arrive at the industrialisation and automation of manufacturing processes.

Full Product Development Cycle
Global Vision, Specialised Handling

Global Vision, Specialised Handling


We foster competitiveness and industrial development within transport and energy companies.

We have vast experience in the following sectors:


> Aeronautics
> Automotive
> Energy
> Rail
> Construction
> Environment

Building bridges between know-how and business


Our job is to generate the necessary applied knowledge and to transfer it to our clients such that they may achieve their goals, leading to greater competitiveness in the markets, by:


• Broadening their technological possibilities
• Strengthening the industrial fabric

Building bridges between know-how and business
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