The aim of ALMAGIC is to contribute to the advance of substitution of hexavalent chromium in the aerospace materials by developing and manufacturing alternative conversion coatings for aluminium and magnesium, with a special focus on the characterization of these alternative coatings ensuring standards of quality required by the aerospace industry.
ALMAGIC aims at developing and testing the surface treatments which can ensure active corrosion protection, to achieve this, different scientific and technical objectives have been defined:

  • The definition and development of innovative chromium(VI)-free conversion coatings for aluminium and magnesium alloys suitable for use in aerospace engines.
  • Investigation and development of chromic acid anodisation alternatives for aluminium without chromium(VI) in their composition maintaining their properties unaltered.
  • The implementation of standardized laboratory characterization tests for the identification of the most suitable coatings and the assessment of the paint adhesion, ensuring the quality standards required for their use in the aerospace sector.

In order to carry out all objectives defined in ALMAGIC, 6 European partners (4 RTD providers and 2 LE in the coating and surface treatments business) form 3 different countries (The Netherlands, Germany and Spain) have teamed up. The project team has a wide range of skills and represents a well-balanced mix between industrial and academic sectors, ensuring that the consortium has adequate resources to carry out the project.
The whole value chain for ALMAGIC project is shown in the following image: