impactThe succeed in the development of the activities proposed in the BRACKETWELD will contribute to the development of the rapid assembly process for the integration of brackets and fittings into structural thermosetting composite components leading to significant advantages related to the reduction in weight (associated to the change form metal to thermoplastic brackets), assembly costs and energy reductions compared to the current adhesive bonding methods, since is that there is no need for surface preparation, adhesives, and curing time nor expensive quality control procedures. To illustrate the magnitude of the benefits achieved by the development of this rapid assembly technology, it has to be considered the number of ten thousand brackets used today in the A350-XWB.

Within the frame of Clean Sky 2, the research activities that will be developed will contribute to fulfilment of the objectives of the LPA program, orientated to the development, assessment and selection of integrative concepts and the development of breakthrough technologies to significantly increase the environmental performances of airplanes and air transport, bringing a key contribution in achieving the Single European Sky and ACARE environmental objectives.