The present research initiative aims to cope with the limitations mentioned above, by the development of an innovative technology for the rapid assembly of thermoplastic brackets to thermosetting CFRP parts using ultrasonic welding. Since the thermosetting materials cannot be welded, a layer of thermoplastic material will be co-cured with the CFRP component, being this layer an attachment area for the ultrasonic welding of the thermoplastic bracket. The general concept for the assembly of thermoplastic brackets to CFRP components is shown in the




The key challenge will be the development of an appropriate surface media compatible with the thermoplastic materials of the brackets while at the same time achieving a very high adhesion to the thermosetting composite during the co-curing process. During the project CIDAUT will contribute to the development of this innovative assembly technology addressing the following objectives:

  • The development of an efficient test method for the quick evaluation of materials compatibility that will be used for the down selection of surface media alternatives.
  • The definition, evaluation and selection of the most appropriate surface media for the selected thermoplastic brackets.
  • The final validation by the assessment of assembly performances according to the usual requirements of bonded brackets.