Work Plan

Project activities are classified in four work packages:

0. Management and Dissemination


1. Development of a materials compatibility test method

• Mechanical tests
• Complementary tests

2. Development of a suitable surface media for bracket welding

Optimum selection of:
• Material formulation
• Thickness
• Morphology

3. Performance validation of welded brackets

• Validation of mechanical performances





1: Development of a materials compatibility test method  activities-wp1

The objective of this WP is the development of an innovative test method for the efficient evaluation of materials compatibility to be used for the quick down selection of surface media alternatives achieving a very high level of adhesion to the thermosetting composite structures and suitable for the ultrasonic welding of thermoplastic brackets. The Test Method will be based on the synergic combination of several laboratory characterization tests including mechanical tests and complementary tests.


Thus, research activities in WP2 include the selection and evaluation of a series of laboratory tests (mechanical tests, microscopy, spectroscopy, calorimetric tests and others) for the definition of the most efficient test and specimen preparation procedures to be used in WP3 for the development of the most appropriate surface media for welding thermoplastic brackets.


Materials Compatibility Mechanical tests:

  • Ultrasonic welding compatibility
  • Co-curing bonding compatibility




    2: Development of suitable Surface Media  activities-wp2

    The objective of this WP will be the investigation, manufacturing and evaluation of the most appropriate surface media for the brackets. For this purpose, thermoplastic surface medias using different materials and manufacturing parameters (i.e. thickness, textures,…) will be evaluated using the materials compatibility test method developed.
    The start point will be the selection of a base material compatible with the thermoplastic material of the bracket. Apart from the evaluation of commercial materials, we will develop and evaluate special formulations in order to increase the chemical affinity between the surface media and the thermosetting resin in order to achieve the maximum adhesion strength while keeping ultrasonic welding compatibility.





    3: Validation of assembly performances

    The objective of this WP will be the final validation of the innovative assembly technology and the most appropriate surface media developed in WP3, by means of the assessment of assembly performances according to the typical aeronautical requirement specifications used in bonded brackets.
    This WP includes a series of to tasks to be carried out, including the elaboration of thermosetting composite samples in the autoclave with co-cured surface medias according to the optimum surface media and co-curing process parameters obtained in WP3, the ultrasonic welding of brackets and the testing of assembly performances.