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R&D&iAccident Analysis

We carry out in-depth research on the involvement of the vehicle, the influence of the road infrastructure, and its interrelation with the human factor in order to obtain information that allows us to draw valid, efficient conclusions for designing safer vehicles and road infrastructures.
We are involved in multiple R&D&I projects with companies and administrations at the local, regional, national and European levels.
We have a multidisciplinary team made up of different kinds of engineers, psychologists and statisticians.

Road accident analysis

We study road accidents so as to find out their causes and circumstances and the consequences for the victims, be they vehicle occupants or passers-by.

The information we obtain from analysing the accidents is incorporated into road safety studies and user recommendations and taken as the basis for the development of new regulations. It is also included in the R&D cycle of new products designed to improve vehicle and road infrastructure safety.

In the field of road safety, we collaborate with public administrations and institutions as well as with traffic authorities, healthcare agencies and manufacturers.



Epidemiology and injury mechanics

We look into the cause-effect relationships of risk factors in road safety in order to determine what the specific causes of road accidents and their severity are.

We apply the epidemiological models most suited to each investigation to know what factors increase risk, e.g. what makes a motorcyclist drive off the road, or reduce it, e.g. how do safety systems reduce the severity of injuries.

We identify the relationships between the different impacts that take place during an accident and the injuries they cause.

Road infrastructure and safety

We conduct studies on the influence of every component of the road infrastructure and equipment and its interaction with road users and their vehicles.
We use all the advanced technological tools at our disposal (electronic and condition monitoring equipment, simulation software, databases, video inventories) to come up with the different studies and analyses that we later carry out in both urban areas and roads and to conduct road safety inspections.


Accident databases

All this detailed information (over one thousand variables), which is collected and analysed by a multidisciplinary team in charge of in-depth investigations, is recorded in a database known as DIANA, which is fed with new researched cases year after year.

We carry out scientific analyses of all aspects involved in road accidents by bringing together the data from different sources (accident scenes, vehicle analyses, police reports, medical reports, interviews, etc.).

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