Industry 4.0

Solutions to digital transformation and efficient manufacturing challenges

Cidaut stands out in the generation of effective knowledge within the scope of INDUSTRY 4.0, where We offer solutions to the challenges of digital transformation and efficient manufacturing that the industrial sector demands.
We work in the digitization and integration of sensors in a non-intrusive way with the development of own methodologies for advanced manufacturing.
We use enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cloud storage, the digital twin, robotics and cybersecurity.

Enabling technologies

Factories of the future

We aim to transform standard manufacturing processes into smarter, safer and more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

We have extensive experience in aspects such as:

Industry 4.0 Cybersecurity. with Cidaut

We investigate new technologies for the automation and management of processes with intelligent monitoring:

  • Payment Solution solutions for defect analysis in hot forged parts using artificial vision.
  • Payment Solution unitary parts management systems for treatment and/or palletizing on the manufacturing line.
  • Integration of sensors and measurement equipment and control for the development of energy monitoring and management systems for infrastructures

We develop data ecosystems with adaptive information on the operation of equipment and systems for diagnosis, prediction and decision making.

  • Behavior modeling, virtualization and management of knowledge with digital twins.
  • Dashboards with different levels alerting using visualization tools and analysis algorithms.
  • Data storage and monitoring in the cloud to measure efficiency through indicators.
The Internet of Things of Industry 4.0. from Cidaut

We are committed to the sensorization of the systems with the aim of monitoring their use; This is how it works, for example:

  • In the development of assembly verification systems of elements on the manufacturing line.
  • In the development of facility remote management systems remote control in real time.
Advanced material and new processes of Industry 4.0. with Cidaut

Where the Center is capable of addressing all the stages associated with the development of a new product, from conception to pre-industrialization, through the characterization of materials, the simulation of their behavior and processing, the conception and design of prototypes and, finally validation.

In this way it is pursued:

  • La improvement of technologies related to the realization of products through new functions, such as systems integration.
  • La process improvement existing or the development of new ones, development of new materials
  • Operational and/or search for New applications of those already existing.

We respond to the new cybersecurity challenges that industrial companies face to develop prevention and defense methodologies for their infrastructures, especially critical ones.

  • We implement adaptive cybersecurity solutions for the generation of predictive knowledge about a real industrial environment.
  • We analyze the behavior of new types of cyber threats by applying artificial intelligence techniques, determining associated risks and contingency plans for a productive environment.
  • We develop new capabilities for modeling, characterization and physical-digital representation of different operating environments exposed to high-interaction threats.
Digital ecosystems of Industry 4.0. with Cidaut

We connect people, objects and systems, with more efficient and predictive industrial processes based on the research and development of the capabilities necessary for the convergence of OT (Operational Technologies) / IT (Information Technologies) by applying enabling technologies for industry 4.0.

Infrastructure and laboratories

In relation to the infrastructure intended for control systems and improvements of industrial processes, the following equipment stands out at Fundación CIDAUT:

  • Various SIEMENS PLCs, with SIEMENS Tia Portal programming platforms), Bekchoff PLCs, Schneider PLCs, Rockwell PLCs (RS-Logic). Schneider Electric measurement equipment.
  • SCADA visualization and monitoring systems: WinCC (SIEMENS), Indusoft (AVEVA), Intouch (Wonderware). Connection in the cloud with OPC-UA protocol or T-Wave IoT gateways, Ewon with Talk2m.
  • Commercial robots (ABB, FANUC, KUKA) that meet the requirements of scope and manipulation of products Commercial software for design of control and automation interfaces, design of electronic diagrams (EPLAN), definition and programming of robot trajectories.
  • Sensors and industrial wiring for data acquisition, control panels and electronic equipment (variators, flowmeters, control valves, etc.) for implementation of input/output signals.
  • Piezoelectric and piezoresistive pressure sensors. Curing progress sensors for thermosets and composites. Temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow measurement. Displacement sensors and accelerometers. Thermocouples and contactors.

We have a laboratory with several frameworks for extracting intelligence from industrial control systems with a physical-digital characterization of critical infrastructures (water treatment, oil&gas, energy, etc.).

The frameworks include:

  • Physical layer with industrial control systems (PLCs), protocols, sensors and actuators associated with the management of real control processes supervised by a SCADA.
  • OT services exposed to the Internet passively monitored for the extraction of network traffic and threat events predictively with artificial intelligence on a SIEM platform.
  • Interaction layer with the infrastructure and physical indicators of the process through a fully functional and characterized digital twin.