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Our dedication to the automotive sector envisages multiple and varied collaboration possibilities. We have an R&D centre specialised in the development of solutions for both OEM and TIER from the initial concept to the end product. Our knowledge of thr material, the manufacturing process and the functional design of the product is very deep indeed.
We apply concurrent engineering techniques, including industrial processes, and are capable of arriving at the full industrialisation of the solution for active, passive and preventive safety, accident studies, road infrastructure design and homologation, human factors analysis, and automotive acoustics.

Engineering and design

We design products and define processes by taking their technical and financial feasibility into consideration.

We foster a close relationship with clients in order to get to know their demands and requirements, be they vehicle manufacturers or automotive components manufacturers.

All projects are conceived and developed with the strictest degree of confidentiality.

We provide our expertise and know-how and can bring any of the different research groups housed in our Centre on board.

In all our methodologies we take into account all the requirements placed on the products, whether they are general, environmental, regulatory, client-specific or associated with tests required for consumer protection.



We make sure that the virtual testing, industrialisation and validation teams work with each other in a coordinated manner.

We choose the most appropriate materials by considering their behaviour from different points of view: mechanical, rheological, processing and machining abilities, performance analysis, wear resistance, texture, acoustic performance, etc.

We conduct virtual tests whose aim is to predict failures, correct designs and optimise behaviours, such as the following:

  • Thermal fluid mechanics analyses
  • Rheological and process analyses
  • Noise and vibration analyses
  • Vehicle and crash analyses


By means of physical tests we can weigh the solutions we have thought up during the virtual phase before we implement them in the final design.

We manufacture our own prototypes and pre-mass production tools.

We perform the dimensional, structural and thermomechanical validation of designed products in relation to crash requirements, including, if required, the type-approval process.



Sustainable mobility

We propose implementing preventive measures in both vehicles and the road infrastructure in order to attain greater safety levels.

We are involved in different research projects (at European and Spanish state and regional levels) for developing and achieving sustainable mobility through the appropriate use of vehicles, the infrastructure (charging points) and communication systems.

We are currently working on the definition of design and test guides for new electric car architectures (E-Light, e-vectoorc).)

We collaborate in projects whose goal is to promote the use of electric vehicles in European cities (Green eMotion, Cityelec) by harmonising regulations and analysing their impact on infrastructures and the environmente..

Road safety

We undertake new lines of research to delve in depth into the interaction of vehicles and the environment.

We analyse the causes behind road accidents and look closely into the circumstances surrounding them and the consequences thereof. In addition to being of great help in preparing road safety studies, recommendations and regulations, this information is very useful when it comes to designing and developing vehicle systems and components.



Human factors

We study the behaviour of drivers and how they interact with other road users and the infrastructure; in particular, we examine the interaction of driver and occupants with the multiple systems and components of the vehicle in order to adapt them to their needs and cognitive and emotional capabilities.

We evaluate parameters such as comfort, usability and accessibility. As for systems requiring user interaction through an interface, we work to ensure that users drive safely and have a satisfactory experience.

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