Cidaut technological capabilities - Process design

Process design

Design, development and design of production, inspection and assembly processes

Starting from the specifications that the final product must meet, we comprehensively approach the design, development and design of the production, inspection and assembly processes using simulation tools in continuous validation, and analyzing the process variables and the properties of the materials. involved.

The need to develop increasingly competitive products (cost, features...) that adapt to customer needs, sometimes does not involve modifications to the products themselves, but rather modifications and/or innovations in the production processes themselves.


We have pilot plants and industrial equipment for the development of processes for the processing of plastic, metallic, and composite materials.

  • Polymer injection: margarit-jsw 650t, km 200 t. Injection processes: conventional, sequential, injection-compression, multi-material, gas-assisted, hybrid, low pressure and foam, etc.
  • Thermostable Plastic: ISOJET RTM injection unit. I&J30 MR RIM. RFI, etc.
  • Ceramics: TERMOLAB Max oven. Working temp: 2.500oC Atmospheres: Ar, N2, He, vacuum
  • Thermoforming: RVC 600 E hydraulic press with sliding platform.
  • Metals and MMCs: Permanent module and sand casting. Combination of equipment for MMCs.
  • Autoclave: 12 vacuum lines, 24 temperature control lines, Useful diameter 1.700mm and length 2.500mm, Max. pressure: 16kg/cm2, Volume: 13.715 l, Maximum working temperature: 250oC.

Structure and fatigue

Cidaut has one of the most complete ranges of universal mechanical testing machines:

  • MTS flex-test GT drivers with MTS RPC Pro software
  • MTS Hydraulic power units.
  • MTS Torsional Test Bench System.
  • Servo-hydraulic linear actuators and test benches.
  • MTS 2.5MN universal servo-hydraulic system.
  • MTS bushing test-bench.
  • Front-line NVH actuators
  • Vibration tables for MTS 248 actuators.
  • Climatic Chambers.
  • Corrosion and salt fog chambers.