Cidaut technological capabilities - Manufacturing


Design and manufacture of molds, matrices and tools necessary to obtain products

We design and manufacture moulds, matrices and tools to obtain products on which to carry out the relevant validation tests. Whenever necessary, the design is supported by carrying out those simulations (mechanical, thermal and rheological) that are required to guarantee adequate compliance with the defined specifications, both at a technical and economic level. We produce parts and tools, and apply different processes:

Manufacturing workshop

  • Internal workshop for manufacturing tools according to specifications.
  • Manufacturing: EDM – Electrical discharge machining (ONA Techno H600), CNC milling (Nicolás Correa CF20, Nicolás Correa FP30, DMG DMC 63V, DMG DMU 125P, DMG DMC 165V). Polishing (GER S100). Welding (ESAB Handy TIG 180, Praxair EWM mod. EXPERT400).
  • Lathes (Teknimaq, CMZ TL20)

Molds and dies

we address successfully researching and developing mold design and manufacturing technologies for different processes processing of metals, thermoplastics and thermostables.

In each case, The design of molds and dies is carried out based on the corresponding process simulations., depending on the chosen process: casting, shaping, injection, injection on fabric, etc.

Versatile molds

The use of modules and inserts in versatile molds allows you to evaluate different solutions and design alternatives, providing a faster response and at a lower cost to our clients.

These molds are especially useful for presenting concepts and testing the validity of a proposed design, process, or both. These technology demonstrators They provide the basis on which to begin analyzing their technical feasibility before undertaking investments. necessary to reach production.

Process simulations

The simulation allows you to select the mold design variables such as the location, number and type of inlets, the power system and the cooling system and their efficiency.

In the case of molding processes for metal alloys, iron casting, light alloys, etc., these can be greatly optimized, both the mold design (geometry of the feeding channels, riser, etc.), and the molding tooling. the same, through the use of specific simulation programs for foundries.

Additive manufacturing

We have the necessary knowledge to develop your products through Additive Manufacturing with FDM technology in thermoplastics, from prototypes to fully functional components, using commercial or internally developed materials. 


Reverse engineering and dimensional analysis

We have a Handy Scan Black Elite 3D Laser Scanning system. It is a high-precision portable optical device with high resolution and scanning speed thanks to its innovative laser technology.

It is automatically positioned and is indicated to satisfy the need that professionals have to find the most efficient and reliable way to perform measurements.

Essential in applications for reverse engineering/measurements of models, design and development of prototypes, for carrying out tests, simulations and geometric analysis, also in the design, validation and inspection of tooling and virtual assembly. Its level of precision makes it ideal for inspection, quality control and metrology.