Advanced analysis and characterization of materials for innovative solutions.

Cidaut offers its clients a complete department of analysis and characterization of polymeric, metallic, ceramic and composite materials, which provides cutting-edge solutions in materials development (composition, morphological and microstructural analysis, spectroscopy, thermal and rheological analysis, and ultrasound inspection) and in materials characterization (metallographic and morphological analysis, spectroscopic characterization and thermal properties, hardness/microhardness determination, non-destructive testing, etc.)

We are committed to exhaustive knowledge of the properties and behavior of materials to be able to select the most suitable ones based on the technical requirements demanded during the useful life of the product.

Development of new materials

We design new materials, not only to achieve an improvement in their properties, we also take into account the technical specifications of the product, its manufacturing process and the set cost objectives.

The main lines of research in materials include:

  • Obtaining melted polymer mixtures.
  • Compatibility studies of mixtures and/or additives.
  • Reactive processing.
  • Processing improvements (casting, injection, etc.).
  • Obtaining polymeric composites, including nanocomposites, and metal matrix composites.
  • Development of composites with fillers of different chemical nature and L/D ratios.
  • Structural thermoplastics.
  • Application of cross-linking techniques for stabilization at high temperatures.

Elastomeric materials

We work on the development of applications, both organic rubbers (natural rubber, nitriles, EPDM, etc.), and silicone rubbers (solid or liquid). Very appropriate materials for dust covers, gaskets or membranes for automotive components.

We also investigate silicone rubbers due to their excellent behavior against chemical and environmental agents (UV rays) and high working temperatures.

Capacities and means

In our research and development we have the capacity to produce the material necessary to obtain products that can be validated:

  • Twin screw extruder
  • RHEOMIX 3000p internal mixer
  • Calender and roller line
  • Mixing equipment for MMC
  • Foundry facilities
  • TERMOLAB furnace for ceramic sintering
  • Materials and components characterization laboratories

Methodology and laboratory

We use the more advanced methodologies for the characterization of materials and in the typology of calculations that we apply in different sectors.

We have internationally recognized experience in a large number of types of numerical calculations and we have the most advanced testing laboratories.