Cidaut technological capabilities -New products

New products

Design and development of products seeking to make them more efficient.

We work in collaboration with our clients in the design and development of products, seeking to make them more efficient and satisfy the technical and economic specifications of our clients in the best possible way. To the usual reductions in costs and weight, or improvements in mechanical properties, the client's own restrictions are added (materials, designs, available production equipment, etc.) to provide an optimal solution.

We study the latent needs of the market with the aim of developing innovative products that contribute to the technological development of society and satisfy real needs of users. 

Concept design

We work in the generation of ideas with broad added value and to do this we analyze the client's expectations, as well as the technological, economic and temporal limitations, relying on widely validated tools such as the functional analysis of expectations, creativity techniques or TRIZ, for the generation of concepts.

Concept selection

The generated concepts are evaluated, combined with each other and improved depending on the starting specifications and the result of the technical and economic feasibility analysis.

We carry out a concurrent engineering process fed back with information from materials, processes, simulations and prototypes.

Detail design

In the detail design We include the complete technical definition of components, mechanisms and assemblies, in addition to the necessary manufacturing and assembly studies.

We evaluate the solution generated from multiple perspectives, to minimize risks and uncertainties, before launching the product into manufacturing.

Tools specials and design platforms: CATIA, NX, FEA.


We address the problem as a whole taking into account that the design of any product is carried out taking into account not only the functional requirements defined in each case, but also the process by which it will be produced and the material used.