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Acoustics and Vibrations

Study and proposal of solutions, through simulation and/or experimental tests

We study and propose the best solutions, through simulation and/or experimental tests, in the field of Acoustics and Vibrations, in the Transportation, Building, Environment and Industry sectors. We are a relevant agent that collaborates in various European groups in charge of acoustic standardization.

We carry out NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) studies of different means of transport to analyze and optimize the structure and interior design of vehicles to reduce the noise and vibration levels perceived by the traveler.

Evaluation studies

We approach the studies through experimental tests or numerical simulation, on the complete vehicle, the systems, the components or on the material. We also measure acoustic levels in industrial workplaces, performing:

  • Evaluations to reduce noise and vibrations of industrial machinery through experimental measurements and/or numerical simulations.
  • Acoustic maps of the interior and exterior of industrial facilities.
  • Continuous noise recording systems.
  • Measurements of environmental acoustic levels in the vicinity of industrial plants.
  • Solutions to reduce noise and vibrations of machines and equipment (improving operation) and/or the environment (vibration and acoustic isolation, bench design, absorbent material).

Numerical simulation and experimental tests

Using simulation tools we optimize the structures so that they meet the vibration and acoustic requirements with the lowest possible weight. We approach the simulation of the vibratory and acoustic behavior of structures using two different methodologies that depend on the frequency range: deterministic methods (FEM and BEM) and statistical energy analysis (SEA).

We carried out the following experimental and simulation studies:

  • Experimental modal analysis (structural or acoustic).
  • Measurement of frequency response functions: FRF, NTF, SPL.
  • Panel contribution analysis.
  • Acoustic isolation.
  • Acoustic absorption at normal or diffuse incidence (Test accredited by
  • ENAC according to ISO 17025)
  • Vibration aging tests according to various regulations (Test accredited by ENAC according to ISO 17025)
  • Characterization of vibratory and acoustic properties of materials

We develop new materials based on the different vibroacoustic requirements.

Environmental acoustics

We carry out predictive studies and in-situ measurements of the environmental impact of noise and vibrations due to the circulation of vehicles on roads or tracks (trains, trams and subways).

We can perform acoustic characterization of pavements both in situ and in the laboratory. We can also carry out characterization tests for acoustic screens.

Homologation and standardization

At Acoustic Screens, we are members of Subcommittee 6 of Committee 135 of AENOR, for the Standardization of Road Anti-Noise Barriers and representatives of the Spanish subcommittee in the European mirror Committee CEN TC 226 WG 6, as well as in the counterpart of acoustic screens for railways, CEN TC 256 SC 1 WG 40.

We are the Spanish representative in the ISO standardization groups referring to the measurement of acoustic absorption of pavements ISO TC 42 WG38, the measurement of noise generated on roads ISO TC 43/SC1 WG33 and the measurement of noise in ISO vehicles TC 43/SC1 WG42.


We have equipment for the development of solutions, through simulation and/or experimental tests:

  • Modal analysis essays. Laser Doppler Vibrometer. Electrodynamic exciters. Correlation Software (EACH X). Siemens NVH acquisition systems. TestLab vs TestXpress
  • Vibroacoustic behavior of components. “Petitecabine” cabin. “Alpha” cabin. Acoustic impedance tube. “Small Reverberant” cabin. Semianechoic Chamber&RollerBench. Semianechoic Chamber (Ryme). Roller platform (Zölner)
  • Electrodynamic shaker for Durability Analysis – Squeak&RattleAnalysis. LDS V850. Attached climate chamber
  • Head Acoustics Sound Quality System.
  • Squeak&Rattle analysis. Tribotester. RattleDevice
  • 3D probe for measuring sound intensity and acoustic power (Sonocat)