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R&D&iDiagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

We do research into algorithms for diagnosing and predicting industrial assets in the transport and power sectors with the aim of making progress in the real knowledge of their actual state of operation, thereby maximising their operability and service life.
We integrate said knowledge into new tools, specific diagnostic equipment, and test benches so that we can later apply it in industrial settings.

Preventive maintenance

We believe predictive maintenance is the best way to increase availability and optimise the operation of systems and components, thus extending their service life, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the profitability of industrial assets in the transport and energy sectors.
We research the best parameter monitoring techniques and develop specific diagnostic algorithms in order to be able to predict the performance of systems, anticipating possible failures and improving the operability of serviced systems.


Remote diagnostics and monit

We are currently doing research into the development of specific systems for the remote diagnostics and monitoring of (road or rail) vehicle fleets by means of sensor platforms and onboard transmission systems.
We develop our own diagnostic algorithms for maintenance prediction and management.

Diagnostic equipment

As a result of the knowledge gained in the transport and energy systems and from the needs thereof, we develop technology and products for the predictive maintenance of essential systems and parts in these sectors.

Among other products entirely designed for system diagnostics, we have developed equipment for diagnosing combustion engine performance and equipment for diagnosing pneumatic rail system.

These products incorporate sensoring, signal processing, and data acquisition and processing functions, as well as diagnosis algorithms and information management applications.



Test benches

Industrial systems and components in the transport and energy sectors are subjected to planned repairs in order to extend their service life.

We develop automated test equipment and benches to support the performance of these repairs and to check repairs that have been completed.

We have developed test benches for pneumatic, mechanical and electrical system and component testing, the transport sector being one of the main sectors which demand this type of products.

Other technologies

Rail infrastructure

We look into new technologies for servicing rail infrastructures that allow to optimise their performance.

Road condition monitoring

We do research into road condition monitoring techniques and technologies that allow to improve road infrastructure maintenance tasks.


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