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Dimensional control techniques enable us to measure the dimensional parameters of products and, by extension, to control the quality thereof and that of their manufacturing processes.
Today they are widely used to effectively reduce costs and times to market, their being systematically applied to control mass production in e.g. the automotive and aeronautics industries.

Dimensional control


We have permanently calibrated equipment for the initial control measurements, and Coordinate-Measuring Machines (CMMs) to carry out the full dimensional analysis of geometrically complex elements (verification of geometric tolerances, position, etc.).

In addition, we have the capabilities and means to design measurement programmes which can be adapted to our clients’ CMMs. The programming is carried out with the help of specialised software (PC DMIS) from measurements made on the CAD drawing of a certain part or on an already manufactured part by following the indications of its elevation drawing.



Surface condition, threaded elements


When part adjustment requirements are very stringent, it is very important to control the surface condition of parts for the assembly operations to be successful. We have the resources to perform surface roughness measurements with a precision of one-hundredth of a micron (10-5nm).

Likewise, we have means to measure the characteristic parameters of threaded elements.

Reverse engineering

Nowadays, production methods require having a complete mathematical description of the geometry of parts and of the elements involved in their manufacture.

However, there are parts for which said information is not available given their age or other circumstances, so in order to modernise their production process, make copies, rebuild worn areas or even improve their design, it becomes necessary to generate said information from simulations in which the necessary finite element model has to be based on the existing geometry.

We do this by applying reverse engineering methodologies based on 3D digitalisation and computer modelling techniques. We are capable of carrying out the entire process, from the creation of point clouds to the generation of the surfaces that finally define the content of the CAD files.

All of this enables us to make, in a very short time, those modifications that the client might require, giving out client a very important competitive advantage over its competitors.



Flexibility and adaptation

We do our work by following the standards of our metrology service (such as standard ISO 1101 for complex geometries) or those the client might call for, adapting dimensional control reports to its quality requirements.

We do everything in our – technical – power to meet our clients’ needs, complete the dimensional control within the strictest time frames and make our environment more flexible so that they are completely satisfied with our work.

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