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 Dissemination and TT

Our goal is to turn the fruits of innovation into business opportunities. We work on innovative solutions designed to satisfy the technology needs of companies, particularly SMEs.
Through the industrial implementation of the technology we devise, we boost the competitiveness of companies and thus their financial strength and economic growth.

Technology transfer

In order to promote the development and growth of the transport and energy sectors in the benefit of society, it is necessary to efficiently manage the knowledge transfer process.
By means of collaboration agreements between companies, universities and public administration bodies, we contribute to the creation of a more competitive business environment that generates new investment opportunities for the private sector in areas of technological innovation.
The guidelines we follow are:
  • Detecting technological needs.
  • Analysing the channels for applied innovation to develop.
  • Transferring and introducing the technology developed.


Innovation management

By managing innovation we take on the organisation and management of the resources of companies in order to increase the creation of new knowledge, the generation of technical ideas allowing to obtain new products, processes and services, and the transfer of said ideas to the production, distribution and usage phases.

Our goals are aimed at:

  • Incorporating technological innovation into the strategy of companies.
  • Diagnosing technology management.
  • Identifying the methodology and tools for developing Technology Plans.
  • Introducing technological cooperation and technology leadership strategies.

Technology monitoring

Promoting the transfer of knowledge within the science-technology-company realm is essential to devise business strategies that are both innovative and less risky.

This is why, from our Centre, we support the business sector as regards technology monitoring to contribute to the transfer of technology and innovation as a way to stimulate the development and growth of the different sectors of society by accessing the know-how and expertise of technological research, innovation and development groups.

Likewise, we design competitive intelligence and benchmarking processes according to the specific needs and capabilities of each company.



Patent management

We believe that protecting innovation is crucial to expanding our business possibilities, which in turn requires fortifying our innovative position against other competitors.

From the Dissemination and TT Departmentís Patent and Trademark Management Area, we fulfill the need companies have to protect the fruits of their research labour.

Through legal specialists and specialised external collaborators, we provide services for managing the patent applications and protecting the intellectual property rights of companies.

International presence

With the aim of "Transforming challenges into opportunities," we coordinate via the European Project Office our international cooperation activities. We have managed to consolidate our presence in Europe after participating and leading projects within the European Unionís 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programmes and developing tenders and LIFE, EUREKA, IBEROEKA, INTERREG and CIP projects.
Furthermore, in the past few years we have diversified our activities and expanded into international markets such as Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, USA and China in order to cooperate with agents in the search for synergies that might enable us to have access to new business opportunities, always with research, development and innovative technology as our guiding lights.


Business opportunities

Projects with companies are the main channel for transferring results to the industrial sector. We are committed to continuing our relationship with companies by generating and developing business opportunities.
We work according to a solid approach based on developing feasibility plans and looking for industrial partners so that our spin-offs are guaranteed to have the necessary industrial and scientific support.

Likewise, through the development of R&D&I projects with our clients and our participation in technology clusters, platforms and associations, we continue to support the search for synergies that might allow us to access new business niches by incorporating the latest advances.

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