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We approach the environmental sector from two directions: the valuation of wastes and by-products, and noise pollution.
The first aspect deals with the provision of added value from wastes and by-products by means of recycling and energy recovery, thereby minimising their environmental impact. Through the second approach we intend to find and evaluate solutions to minimise the noise impact of means of transport and industrial facilities.


We come up with new materials, processes and products to generate added-value from waste and by-products. These wastes can be incorporated into new products as secondary raw materials, thus improving the overall life cycle without affecting the final technical performance, looking for, whenever possible, potential cost reductions.

We have the means and expertise to characterise, formulate and design new processes using waste or by-products. The main lines of research according to the types of waste or by-products used are the following:

  • The design of new formulations for thermoplastic materials with high contents of recycled matter from both a post-industrial and post-consumption origin.
  • The design and development of formulations for polymer materials with enhanced properties by means of the introduction of charges of a mineral nature from waste streams from different industrial processes.
  • The design of composite-material waste stream treatment processes aimed at recovering and appraising technical reinforcing fibres.



We evaluate waste-to-energy alternatives when the incorporation waste into new materials or products is unfeasible from either a technical or a financial standpoint. In these cases, the methodology used is based on an exhaustive characterisation of the waste and the selection of the optimum waste-to-energy technology and process.

We conduct chemical characterisation analyses and develop pre-treatment and appraisal processes to optimise energy efficiency and minimise polluting emissions.

We have experimental waste combustion facilities in place as well as isokinetic sampling probes and combustion gas analysers.

Environmental acoustics

We put forward new solutions for reducing the acoustic impact of means of transport and industrial facilities.

We make in-situ measurements of the noise and vibrations generated by means of ground transport with the aim of proposing new measures and/or materials that dampen the transmission of noise and vibrations in infrastructures (sound barriers, road surfaces, sound absorbers, etc.)


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