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Technology ServicesExtrusion, Reactive Extrusion, and Compounding

The ultimate goal of materials design and development is to obtain new materials or to enhance the properties of existing materials to meet specific applications without affecting other characteristics that might be required and exceeding allowable costs. By means of extrusion, reactive extrusion and compounding processes we can produce custom-made materials to fulfil specific requirements.

Extrusion and compounding

Development of plastic-material formulations based on:

  • Polymer blends.
  • Reinforced composite materials (with fibreglass, vegetable fibres, inorganic loads).
  • Nanocomposite materials (nanoclays, carbon nanofibres and nanotubes, nanoparticles).

Depending on the final amount of plastic material and in keeping with the nature of the components of the formulation, we work on two kinds of processes:

  • Discontinuous mixing: internal mixer.
  • Continuous mixing: twin screw (intermeshing, co-rotating) extruder.


Reactive extrusion

The chemical modification of polymers such as PP, PE or PLA is carried out during the extrusion process by treating them with peroxides or by grafting molecules of different chemical nature (DEM, MAH, silanes, etc.) in order to:

  • Obtain compatibilizers (polymer blends, reinforcers, etc.).
  • Precursors for cross-linking processes (silanes).



Finished or semifinished products based on flat profiles – films or sheets – applied to packaging, packages, decorative films or sandwich-type structures.

New colours and surface finishes can be obtained with a single screw extruder with coupled calenders working at temperatures up to 450 degrees.


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