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In order to research and develop new fuels it is necessary to have experimental facilities for analysing and characterising the properties of both the raw material used and the fuel obtained, as well as the theoretical and experimental tools for defining and devising new production processes.
Indeed, we have the experimental facilities and means and the simulation tools and codes to develop new, more sustainable fuels.

Biofuel Lab

We have the following facilities to research processes for obtaining new fuels:

  • General-purpose chemical lab.
  • Equipment for fuel characterisation:
    • Gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer.
    • Gas chromatograph with FID detector.
    • Karl-Fischer titrator for measuring the water content of biofuels.
    • Determination of the closed-cup flash point.
    • Determination of the Conradson Carbon Residue (CCR).
    • Determination of viscosity.
  • Pilot plant for the production of biodiesel from any type of raw material (approximate capacity: 70l).
  • Simulation and optimisation tools.
    • Experimental design: Taguchi, Anova.
    • Process simulation: ASPEN.


Biomass Lab

Our lab is fitted with the following equipment for solid biomass research:

  • Automatic biomass storage and supply system.
  • Size selection system.
  • Downdraft gasification plant with power generation in reciprocating internal combustion engines.
  • Updraft gasifier.
  • Kiln for thermal testing.
  • Chromatograph.
  • Installation for determining the methanation potential.
  • Biomass boiler.
  • Experimental biomass densification system by means of a pelletisation process and pellet characterisation.
  • Rotary kiln.
  • Combustion chamber.
  • Isokinetic probe.
  • Gas analyser (CO, NOx, SO2).


Fuel testing

EWith our experimental installations we conduct research tests to obtain new fuels. We mainly perform tests to characterise the raw materials and the final properties of the obtained fuels.

In this lab we mainly work with:

  • Liquid fuels, oils and fats, and glycerines.
  • Solid fuels.
  • Waste water.
  • Biomass for anaerobic digestion and digestates.
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