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R&D&iIntelligent Transport Systems

We do research into singular applications and innovative developments in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs) to increase road safety and optimise transport efficiency and mobility by improving sensoring in urban and suburban areas, motorways and dual carriageways.
We work with ITS systems both on board vehicles and installed in the road infrastructure to devise communication systems (infrastructure-to-infrastructure - I2I, vehicle-to-infrastructure - V2I - and vehicle-to-vehicle - V2V).

 Intelligent Transport Systems. ITS

We use the most advanced ITS technologies to endow the road infrastructure and vehicles driving on it with “intelligence”. Thus, we contribute to:

  • Increase road safety, preventing conflicts.
  • Detect anomalies and incidents on the road.
  • Increase user comfort and transport efficiency.
  • Use the maximum capacity of roads by optimising their management.
  • Shunt traffic to other roads so as to improve traffic flows.
  • Take care of the environment by reducing pollution.


Safety applications

We develop systems capable of detecting:
  • The presence of pedestrians.
  • The presence of cyclists.
  • The presence of animals on the road.
  • Stopped vehicles.


We develop surveillance systems for detecting incidents on the road infrastructure and reporting them in order to reduce possible conflicts and congestion by means of::

  • Sensors installed in the infrastructure.
  • Sensors onboard vehicles


Among the technologies we use, the following are worth mentioning: artificial vision, LIDAR, multispectral cameras, infrared sensors, magnetic sensors, CMOS sensors, Time of Flying (TOF), etc.

We are working on different applications for controlling the vehicle’s surroundings and detecting obstacles close thereto, possible collision conditions, and dangerous driving by other drivers by designing warning systems in the event of:

  • Collision in intersections.
  • Crashing into obstacles.
  • Driving off the road.
  • Vehicles driving against traffic.

Efficiency applications

Among our developments there are systems capable of monitoring the condition of infrastructures, the amount of traffic on the roads, and the weather conditions.

We gather this information and provide users, even in real time, with that information about road conditions that might be of interest to them, such as dangerous situations, congestion, accidents, average traffic speed, etc., by using means such as variable messaging, onboard devices, and infrastructure-vehicle communication systems, according to the requirements of each particular case or situation.



Applications aimed at improving comfort

In order to improve the comfort of users during their travels, we provide them with useful information such that they may feel safer and more comfortable.

  • Information: we provide drivers with information for them to improve their driving, such as automatic warnings about incidents, alarms with the ITSs installed on the road infrastructure, help to negotiate intersections, etc.
  • Testing: we fit vehicles with new onboard systems and evaluate their influence on driving behaviour.
  • Integration: we integrate vehicle systems by taking safety, functionality, structural, ergonomic and comfort criteria into account.
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