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R&D&iLight Alloys

We aim to define, develop and optimise metallic material moulding processes; in particular, we are very experienced in light alloys of aluminium and magnesium, as well as in the products made with them.
We develop solutions that meet the requirements and technical specifications defined by our clients by using simulation tools in a concurrent engineering process, including the functional design of the product, its constituent material and its manufacturing process.

Process definition and development

The need to develop increasingly competitive products (cost, performance, etc.) that meet every client’s needs does not necessarily involve making changes to the products themselves but modifications and/or innovations in the production processes proper.

We use new processing techniques related to electromagnetism and its application to metallurgy, recycling processes, processes in a semi-solid state, and new alloys (MMCs and hybrid materials).



Process optimisation

By working closely with our clients, we are able to improve their industrial processes from the point of view of increasing productivity, end-product quality and worker safety.

Our projects range from studies applied to a specific need and the use of DOE methodologies in turnkey solutions. Our expertise allows us to devise applications for data processing and analysis and even to develop specific sensors for molten-material processing.

Product design, development and manufacturing

We are always striving to adapt and define new products. To this end, we characterise the materials, parameterise manufacturing processes with simulation tools, and validate the functionality of end products by producing our own prototypes and experimenting with them.



Simulation and experimentation

We simulate both the different stages of the processes for melting alloys of aluminium, magnesium, iron and other elements and the functionality of the components obtained, thus reducing the costs associated with the application of the trial-and-error methodology to said processes.

We design melts and moulds which are optimised for each production process.

We provide added value to our studies by means of the validation of specific processes and the combination of simulations and tests.

Macrostructural and microstructural characterisation

We use different characterisation techniques, from metallurgical analyses of molten alloys to the study of the mechanical properties and defects of the products formed.

We have our own specialised labs and test benches in which to define the characterisation of the behaviour of these alloys during the different forming processes.

We also have rheometers and equipment for corrosion and wear analysis.


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