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We are committed to gaining exhaustive knowledge of the properties and behaviour of materials to be able to choose the right ones in order to meet the technical requirements demanded during each product's service life.

Development of new materials

We have the most advanced techniques at our disposal, which enables us to discover the characteristics, behaviour and properties of the materials we use, be they metallic or polymeric. Depending on the results we obtain, we will select for each case the material that guarantees the required in-service quality and behaviour.

We design new materials – not only to improve their properties; we also take into consideration the tech specs of the product, its manufacturing processes and the cost objectives which have been set.

Among others, our main lines of research in materials science are the following:

  • Obtaining molten polymer blends.
  • Studies to make blends and/or additives compatible.
  • Reactive processing.
  • Obtaining polymer composites, including nanocomposites, and metal matrix composites.
  • Developing composites with loads of different chemical nature and L/D relationships.
  • Structural thermoplastics.
  • Applying cross-linking techniques for high-temperature stabilisation.


Elastomeric materials

We are currently working on developing applications of both organic rubbers (natural rubber, nitriles, EPDM, etc.) and silicone rubbers (solid or liquid). These materials are very suitable for dust seals, gaskets and membranes for automotive components.

We also do research into silicone rubber thanks to its excellent behaviour against chemical and environmental (UV rays) agents and at high working temperatures.

Capabilities and means

During research and development, we are capable of producing the material needed to obtain products that can be validated by means of the following:

  • Twin screw extruder.
  • RHEOMIX 3000p internal mixer.
  • Calender and roller line.
  • Mixing equipment for MMCs.
  • Foundry installations.
  • Thermolab furnace for ceramic sintering.
  • Vibroacoustic characterisation of materials and components.

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