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Given that R&D projects often span the design, manufacture and testing of full-scale prototypes, we have the equipment and facilities required to design, manufacture and assemble the tools and prototypes needed to achieve their functional validation.
All are conceived and developed by observing the standards of each client, particularly in the automotive, aeronautics and rail sectors, and all mandatory statutory regulations (CE marking).

Tools and structures

The design and manufacture of tools and structures is carried out with a view to satisfy the specifications defined by the client. They can be both technical (weight, rigidity, own modes) and financial (cost, maintenance) specifications, for which the commercial materials and elements that might be required are used.

During manufacturing and assembly, the actuators and controls defined as per the functional design and the additional requirements required to achieve the certification of the tool are added to the structure.



We research and develop innovative special tooling for diverse applications, from the transformation of materials to our own products for specific applications.

In particular, we produce:

  • Tools for sheet metal deformation: bending, forming, extrusion.
  • Special tools for material characterisation.
  • Special tools for the validation of products at a mechanical, acoustic, thermal, impact behaviour, fatigue behaviour, and corrosion resistance level.
  • Specific products in the fields of machine manufacturing, automation and maintenance, improvement of industrial processes, etc.

Given the strict requirements which are usually imposed (acoustic, mechanical, vibratory, etc.), the design process is based on the use of advanced simulation techniques, including topological optimisation. Thus, compliance with the conditions is guaranteed with the lowest possible mass, using the indispensable amount of material where it is really needed.

Finally, we conduct the appropriate tests for their complete functional validation, verifying that the functional requirements are met.



Rapid prototyping

In addition to conventional manufacturing technologies – moulding, shaping, machining and welding, we provide rapid prototyping services.
This enables us to prepare physical models starting from a 3D geometry in a very short time, reproducing the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the end product. This is very useful during the different product development stages – concept, detail design, engineering and validation, and allows to:
  • Reduce development times.
  • Reveal errors during the design phase, thus driving down correction costs and times.
  • Increase the quality of the product by doing more checks and tests.
  • Properly manage development projects.


We select the technology most suited to each case according to the goal pursued with the prototypes and the requisite technical requirements.

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