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R&D&iPassive Safety

We are a leader in the research and development of passive safety in the automotive, aeronautics and railway industries. We have a proven track record and are internationally renowned in this field; our +10-year experience bears us out.
We have engineering and calculation departments and our own test labs to develop safety systems on the basis of either regulatory (ECE FMVSS, TRIAS), consumer (USNCAP, EuroNCAP, IIHS) or client requirements.
Our technical teams work closely with the client, providing solutions during the design, development, optimisation and validation of the various components of restraint systems and ensuring they are properly integrated into the vehicle so as to reduce the risk of injury of occupants with regard to the different types of crashes.
All the activities required for the development of passive safety (engineering, calculation and testing) are carried out inside the same development centre, which affords a high degree of coordination between the different teams, vendors and clients involved, thus guaranteeing an efficient planning and execution of the projects.

System development and integration

Thanks to our multidisciplinary work teams we can tackle all component and structure functional development phases in an integral manner, from their initial analysis and optimisation by means of CAE models to their final correlation and validation by means of testing.

Vehicle structure development

We analyse and develop the functional and energy-absorption functions of vehicle components by means of CAE simulation and validation through testing.

  • CBody: head-on and side collisions.
  • NVH & Stiffness
  • Subsystems: strut B, doors.
  • Pedestrian protection.
  • Front cross-member and absorbers.
  • Other: reparability, dachfalltest, OEM internal specifications.


Restraint systems

We develop restraint systems for standard head-on, side and rear-end collision configurations and other types of crash scenarios.

  • Restraint system optimisation and integration.
  • System activation systems.


Outer and inner components

Development of component-level safety

  • Airbag module (DAB/PAB/CAB/KAB): component analysis; subsystem testing.
  • Development of out-of-position (OOP) behaviour.
  • Safety seats and belts.
  • Steering wheel and column.
  • Fascia panel design and development: rigidity analysis and head impact protection.
  • Head impact protection of interior trims.
  • Door panels.
  • Locks and mechanisms.
  • Bumpers.

CAE simulation

Cidaut is an international leader in the field of numerical simulation and virtual testing techniques. We have highly qualified staff and top-of-the-line hardware and software resources to tackle the simulation studies required in the development of passive safety, regardless of the requisite off-the-shelf software.

  • Structure and body calculations.
  • Interior and occupants.
  • Component development.



We have a wide range of passive safety test equipment and facilities, which enables us to conduct all the tests required for validation at the component, subsystem and whole vehicle levels. In order to do so, we have facilities to perform, among others:

  • Structural and whole vehicle collision testing.
  • Head-on, side and rear-end collision testing.
  • Component impact testing:
    • Double linear impact.
    • Pedestrians.
    • Head impact.
    • Pendulum testing.
  • Climatic and ageing testing.

Advanced engineering

Our Passive Safety department has consolidated our expertise and know-how in relation to the functional, integral development of vehicle and automotive components from the point of view of experimental testing, numerical modelling, and correlation.

Additionally, we have come up with our own advanced simulation and test methodologies and techniques to deal with the kind of specific complex problems that are usually faced during development. Here are some examples of this:

  • Component subsystem testing for strut B and door development.
  • In-house dynamic material characterisation methodology.
  • Advanced airbag (FPM and CM) and buckling simulation tools.
  • Experimental component interaction analysis and correlation.

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