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We have a wide range of facilities for testing and validating the passive safety aspects of vehicle components, subsystems and structures and entire vehicles. The high level of equipment in our laboratories and the advanced technical skills of our staff enable us to offer our clients a wide range of possibilities for testing their products in order to achieve the greatest efficiency in obtaining results from each test.
Our laboratories provide a versatile, flexible and efficient answer to the different customer requirements. The continuous interaction between our prototyping and tooling shops and engineering departments allows us to shorten test set-up preparation times and provide our clients with support in the analysis of the results or any other aspect related to the development of their products.

Crash Test Laboratory

Frontal, side and rear crash tests are carried in our indoor full scale crash laboratory: 

  • Impact velocities: 2.5-80km/h
  • Test mass: up to 3,500kg
  • Filming pit 2 53 m
  • Climate control: 19º - 22º C
  • HMI low temperature lighting


We have the last generation of equipment for dummies, instrumentation, video cameras, measurement systems.


We reconstruct all kinds of impact scenarios in our indoor lab (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.)

We assess vehicles, restraint systems, and their components according to different international regulations and protocols.



We evaluate the impact behaviour of vehicles, restraint systems, and their components in accordance with the different international regulations and protocols.

  • Frontal: :ECE R94, FMVSS 208 USNCAP, EuroNCAP
  • Side: ECE R95, FMVSS 214, IIHS, USNCAP, EuroNCAP
  • Rear: FMVSS 301(old)
  • Low speed Reparability testing (Danner o Allianz).


Cidaut´s crash lab provides subsystem´s tests to develop vehicle´s components and structures

  • B pillar
  • Doors


We have a wide range of moving barriers (140-1800kg) for impact testing and energy absorption characterisation (crash boxes, structures, front-ends, etc.).


HyGe Laboratory 


Our Horizontal Crash Simulator with dynamic control brake enables us to reproduce frontal, side and rear collisions with excellent accuracy and repeatability.

  • Acceleration: 75 g (1,000 Kg payload)
  • Deceleracion: -45 g (500 Kg payload)
  • Jerk: 8 g/ms // 30 g/ms
  • Stroke: 1,650 mm
  • Velocity: Up to 81 Km/h
  • Climate control: 18 ºC - 22.5ºC
  • HMI low temperature lighting


We have our own tooling design and manufacturing department, this allows us ti face every testing request with the best lead time according to our clients’ needs.



We assess and optimize vehicle restraint systems and their components for the automotive, aeronautical and railway sectors

  • Frontal sled testing. static yaw ± 18º

  • Side Sled testing (SIS frame developed by Cidaut)

Barrier 90º, 27º crabbed

Pole: 90º, 75º

  • Rear sled testing for whiplash assessment.

  • Component inertial resistance.

  • Dynamic car seat testing (ECE R16, ECE R17).

  • Dynamic airplane seat testing (FAR 25.562).

  • Dynamic train seat testing (AV/ST 9001).


Component test labs


We have a wide range of component-level test equipment designed to conduct standard component validation tests as well as non-standard tests to meet the correlation needs of the CAE model required during product development.

  • Head protection:: FMVSS 201
  • Ejection mitigation:: FMVSS 226
  • Airbag deplyment test (OOP): FMVSS 208, ISO, TWG
  • Pedestrian testing: Euro NCAP, Reg. (CE) No 78/2009
  • Linear impactor:: ECE R12, FMVSS 203
  • Dual Synchronized linear impactor.
  • Pendulum for checking energy dissipation ECE R21, ECE R17
  • Climatic chambers (up to 35m3) - 40ºC to 120ºC
  • Seat durability test machine.

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