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We have one of the most modern and advanced equipment for testing, researching and assessing of lamps and luminaires.
One of the main applications of these tests is to obtain in an experimental way the photometry data of the light sources, which could be introduced into the calculation softwares that allow the prediction and simulation in lighting projects.


Photometric tests of lamps and luminaires are performed in a laboratory with controlled conditions of temperature and air velocity.

Moreover, this room has the right conditions to minimize as much as possible the effects of light cross contamination.

The laboratory has a photogoniometer to perform the tests according to the standard EN 13032-1*. Luminaires up to 1500 (mm) high and 50 (kg) of weight can be tested. It is also possible to perform the photometry at two different distances, which are perfectly aligned.

* Cidaut is expected to get the accreditation UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 at the beginning of 2014.



Colorimetry, luminance, illuminance,...

To complete the measures on light sources and other material, we have a spectrometer that allows the measurement of the emission spectrum, color coordinates, color temperature and luminance.

We also have high sensitivity cameras for measuring luminance, portable luminance meters and precision luxometers.

We have two black rooms to perform photometric and infrared measurements.


Retroreflectivity makes traffic signs visible by reflecting back the light from the headlights to the driver.

According to current standards, to evaluate the state of traffic signs their retroreflectivity level needs to be known.

We have portable retroreflectometers to measure vertical signs and road markings (horizontal). They all meet American and European standards EN 1436, ASTM E-1710, ASTM E-2177, ASTM E-2302N, ASTM E-1709, ASTM E-1809, ASTM E-2540, ZRS-5060R, DIN 67 520, EN 12899-1, ...


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