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One of our main strengths is our capacity to tackle all the stages associated with the development of new products, from their conception to the validation of their real performance.
In order to assess the latter, it is necessary to have products on which to do the appropriate validation testing, which in turn requires certain production capacity. One of the most important processes available to us is plastic injection.

Moulds and tools

In order to reduce times and costs, and guaranteeing the most absolute confidentiality, we have our own machining workshop to manufacture the moulds and tools for making products.

The materials which are most commonly used are aluminium and soft steels, which allow to shorten machining times while providing a sufficiently high number of parts for validation without the moulds suffering any noticeable deterioration.



Process simulations

Moulds are designed by relying on the different simulations of the process, which allows to dimension the different elements (power supply, cooling and ejection systems) for directly manufacturing the final mould.

The methodology which we have applied for years to validate this type of simulations is also fed back to the design of product itself. The latter is optimised by considering the way in which the materials are going to be processed such that the choice of materials, the design of the product, and the design of the process are closely related to each other.

From a proper rheological characterisation of the materials, the processes which can be simulated are the following:

  • Conventional injection
  • Sequential injection
  • Compression injection
  • Gas assist injection
  • Reaction injection
  • Co-injection


Process simulations in which different aspects are analysed: filling, compaction, cooling, shrinkage and warping, residual stresses, and fibre orientation (reinforcers).


The above simulations are not deemed to be isolated elements; instead, they are combined with the corresponding machine tests as the only way to ensure that the results obtained by means of simulation find correlation in reality.

The means we have at our disposal enable us to carry out the following processes:

  • Conventional injection
  • Sequential injection
  • Low-pressure in-mould decoration
  • Compression injection
  • Multi-material injection

This allows us to check under real conditions the accuracy of the rheological models used.


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