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An essential part of our R&D activity is the design and development of more efficient products that meet our clients' requirements and specifications, whether they be technical or financial. In order to provide the best solution, we add the client's own restrictions (materials, designs, production equipment available, etc.) to the typical goals of cost and weight reduction and improvements in mechanical properties.
After an initial design stage, and depending on the materials to be used, we employ validation simulation tools (of mechanical, thermal, vibroacoustic and process behaviours) to define the final design of both the product and its manufacturing process.

Development cycle

An extensive knowledge of materials, design, processing and manufacturing technologies, together with advanced equipment, enables us to deal with all kinds of product development issues in the transport, energy and consumer-product sectors.
Our expertise in polymer materials and having the right transformation equipment allow us to choose and design the most appropriate and innovative materials according to the technical specifications placed on the product and the balance between processability and cost.



The design capabilities at hand include the ability to participate in the analysis of the idea and the presentation of conceptual and style designs.

Once the initial phase is complete, we design the product in view of the specifications that might be required and according to the chosen material by adapting it to the right manufacturing process. By using time-tested behaviour and process simulation tools, we are able to design the right product from the start.

The detail design includes the full technical definition of components, mechanisms and assemblies, as well as the necessary manufacturing and assembly studies.

In particularly demanding applications, this process may consist of several iterations in which optimisation and robust-design studies are conducted in order to arrive at the optimum solution, which might even necessitate partial validations.


The design of the – previously considered – process, together with the design and manufacture of moulds and tools, make it possible to finally obtain products intended to be subjected to the required functional validation cycles.
Depending on the degree of maturity of the conceived technologies, sometimes it is necessary to implement pilot installations or lines where projects for the automation of manufacturing, assembly or inspection processes are executed. Our objective in these cases is two-fold: on the one hand, to perform an exhaustive analysis of the risks prior to making the investments required for their industrialisation; on the other, to ready the processes so as to transfer them to a plant with minimum interferences and in the shortest possible time.

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