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Road safety is one of the major problems of our society and although much has been improved since the development of restraint and protection systems in vehicles it is necessary to improve and reduce the risks associated with infrastructure.
We investigate the improvement of the safety associated to the elements of the Infrastructure of the roads, looking for that the consequences of an eventual accident are as slight as possible.

Influence of road infrastructure on road safety

The layout and existing elements on the margins of the road (posts, signs, safety barriers, drainage elements, etc.) can influence the safety of users. Similarly, their behaviour varies with different impact conditions and speeds. For this reason, we study this influence and seek improvements



Development of test methods

When there are no specific methods for the objective evaluation of some element of the infrastructure, it is necessary to define new criteria or adapt those of other products. In this way, we actively participate in the main working groups of the national (AENOR CTN-135) and international (CEN TC226) regulatory committees and we have defined, among others, specific procedures for measuring the forces transmitted to bridges by a parapet in the event of an accident, for the evaluation of traffic moderating elements and for the evaluation of motorcyclist road equipment.

Motorcyclist protection

One of the pillars of our philosophy is that safety must be universal, which is why one of the main lines of research focuses on improving the safety of motorcyclists. In this field of study, the work of defining and improving the regulations for the evaluation of motorcycle protection systems (SPM), the current UNE 135900, deepens the development of biomechanical criteria to procure the absence of injury to motorcyclists in the event of an accident, stand out.



Restraint systems in the infrastructure

The installation conditions can influence the behaviour of a safety barrier, both from the point of view of the influence of the terrain and the geometric characteristics of the margin of the road where they are located. For this reason we investigate the risks associated with special installation conditions (short sections, influence of terminals, influence of the terrain, proximity of ditches, intersections, etc ...).

In this way we can define recommendations for the installation of containment systems in order to ensure proper behavior and therefore the safety of users.

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