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Road infrastructure is particularly important in transport and key to achieving a safe and sustainable traffic system. We have the tools and techniques required to propose the most appropriate infrastructure interventions, guaranteeing maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost and thus optimising the investment in road safety.

Investigation and reconstruction

We research in depth all technical, expert, medical and psychological aspects of all kinds of real accidents, in collaboration with police, medical service and forensic teams. Furthermore, we reconstruct accidents by using specialised software and applying the appropriate physical principles.

The reconstruction of an accident enables us to find out its dynamics and establish the circumstances thereof as accurately as possible.

It allows us to identify specific issues in order to subsequently pinpoint the causes of accidents and propose preventive measures.



Statistical analyses

By means of statistical analyses we obtain scientific evidence and can properly interpret the results of our projects.

We use a wide range of techniques ranging from the simplest ones, such as descriptive analyses, to more complex multivariate analysis, time series analysis and other statistical techniques. In addition, they are very useful when it comes to preparing different indices and indicators.

We apply these techniques to both identify a specific problem in traffic accidents and determine common patterns or accident rate scenarios, predictive models or any other need. They are also helpful to compare the operation of different solutions or equipment.

Road safety inspections

We make in situ visits to any kind of road section (junctions, side streets, urban and intercity areas, etc.). During these visits, we analyse all road/street elements (signage, signalling, layout, roadside safety, etc.) from a multidisciplinary point of view.

prepare checklists adapted to each specific situation (visibility, vehicle restraint systems, motorcyclist protection systems, pedestrian crosses, and so on).

These inspections are specifically carried out for each particular case, the study of the most relevant aspects in each case being stressed. To this end, we Our goal is to identify those infrastructure aspects whose improvement may contribute to increase road safety, prioritising low-cost measures.



Assistance in the drafting of recommendations and regulations

We help local and road administrations to conduct the analyses needed to draw up their road safety plans and road infrastructure and equipment-related recommendations and regulations (vehicle restraint systems, motorcyclist protection systems, street furniture).

Thus, we ensure road safety is enhanced from an investment optimisation point of view, providing technical know-how for the decision-making process..

Cost-benefit analysis and action prioritisation

Effectiveness analyses enable us to know how performing certain actions on road infrastructure, on vehicle equipment or on measures affecting road users influences road safety through a potential reduction of accidents or their consequences (risk of injury).

By means of cost-benefit analyses, we try to show the relationship between the efficiency and the cost of an action by comparing e.g. the estimated decrease in the accident rate thanks to the implementation of a road infrastructure improvement measure in relation to the cost thereof..

Thus, we can generate prioritisation orders in actions in order to achieve the optimisation of road infrastructure investments.


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