Cidaut aeronautical sector


Development of aircraft components and structures

We work, for top-level companies, in development programs for components and structures of civil and military aircraft, focusing on those projects that represent the introduction of new materials or new processing technologies.
Our offer is specified in the following concepts, research in materials and processes, development engineering, advanced engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and recycling of composites.

Engineering and design

We have a Development Engineering group capable of covering the different phases, from structural analysis and design to manufacturing engineering.

We have extensive experience in the use of calculation tools (Catia V5, Nastran, Abaqus, ISAMI, PDM-Link, etc.).

We carry out concurrent engineering from the initial phase of the project.
We master the use and processing of the most commonly used reinforced composite materials (thermoplastics and phenolic or epoxy resins reinforced with carbon or glass fiber).

Cidaut has carried out the detailed sizing and design of the metal structure of the Belly Fairing of the AIRBUS A350XWB.

Advanced engineering

We make the characterization and validation of all types of materials (metallic, plastic, foamed, elastomeric, textile, composite) as well as their structural joints (riveted, welded, screwed, adhesive, etc.), using tests of: traction, compression, bending, peeling, creep , impact, fatigue, fracture mechanics and vibroacoustics.

We design and execute component tests whether they are R&D&i, support or development, validation or industrialization. Once the client's needs are known, we begin with the virtual test, to help us define the process, later we design and manufacture the tooling and finally we carry out the tests in our facilities. We are capable of carrying out static, dynamic, vibroacoustic and fatigue tests considering a wide range of loads, displacements and frequencies.

Taking advantage of the knowledge acquired in the last fifteen years and the testing infrastructures used for the impact analysis and high speed In the automotive sector, we are able to transfer experiences and developments to the aeronautical sector, testing: occupant protection and damage mitigation systems: helicopter and aircraft seat designs; simulation of impact loads and energy absorption in landing gear, as well as design of energy absorption elements.
We propose and disseminate design concepts based on our capabilities. topology optimization, providing optimal structural solutions with minimal weight.
We conduct sensitivity studies of the sizing parameters in the detailed design considering different load cases.

Prototyping and manufacturing

We have appropriate equipment and facilities to prototype and manufacture any development:

  • Machining workshop for manufacturing parts, tooling and resurfacing of parts.
  • RTM machine.
  • Autoclave.
  • Three-dimensional table for dimensional and geometric control.
  • C-Scan UTS equipment and manual ultrasonic inspection equipment.
  • Cold room for the conservation of raw materials.