Automotive sector in Cidaut


Development of automobile components and structures

Our dedication to the automotive sector contemplates multiple and varied possibilities of collaboration, being a center of R&D specialized in the development of solutions, both for OEMs and TIERs, working from the concept to the final product, with a very deep knowledge of the material, its manufacturing process and the functional design of the product.

We apply concurrent engineering techniques including industrial processes and being capable of reaching the complete industrialization of the solution for active, passive and preventive safety, accident studies, design and approval of road infrastructure, analysis of the human factor and acoustics in the automotive industry.

Engineering and design

Committed in guarantee the technical-economic viability of products and processes. We maintain close collaboration with clients, whether they are vehicle manufacturers or automotive components. Confidentiality is fundamental in all our projects, and we offer our experience and knowledge, involving various research groups at the center.

Our comprehensive methodology considers product requirements in general, environmental, regulatory, customer-specific terms. We efficiently coordinate virtual testing, industrialization and validation teams, carefully choosing materials based on their mechanical, rheological, processing and machining behavior, wear resistance, among other aspects.

We carry out virtual rehearsals, such as thermofluid-mechanical, rheological, acoustic and vibration analyses, as well as vehicle and crash tests, to predict failures, correct designs and optimize behaviors. We complement this with physical tests to evaluate solutions conceived in the virtual phase before implementing them in the final design. We manufacture prototypes and pre-series tools, carrying out dimensional, structural and thermomechanical validations, complying with crash requirements and, when necessary, the homologation process.

Sustainable Mobility

We propose the implementation of preventive measures both in vehicles and in road infrastructure with the aim of achieving higher levels of security.

We participate in various research projects (European, National and Regional) for the development and implementation of sustainable mobility, making appropriate use of vehicles, infrastructure (charging points) and communication systems.

We work on the definition of design and testing guides for new electric vehicle architectures (E-Light, e-vectoorc).

We collaborate on projects whose objective is to introduce, at a European level, the use of electric vehicles in cities (Green eMotion, Cityelec), seeking the harmonization of regulations and analyzing their impact on infrastructure and the environment.

Road safety

We undertake lines of research that delve into the interaction of the vehicle with its environment.

We analyze the causes that produce traffic accidents and we carefully study the circumstances surrounding them and their consequences. This information, in addition to being of great help for the preparation of road safety studies, recommendations and bases for regulations, is very useful for the design and development of systems and components of the vehicles.

Human factor

We study the driver's behavior and his interaction with other users of the road and with the infrastructure, we specifically investigate the interaction of the driver and occupants with the multiple components and systems present in the vehicle to adapt them to their needs and cognitive and emotional capacities.

We evaluate parameters such as comfort, use or accessibility, and if these are systems that require interaction with the user through some interface, we work to guarantee satisfactory use for the user as well as safe driving.