Construction sector in Cidaut


We collaborate on bioclimatic projects and infrastructure under construction

We have knowledge, experimental means and tools that allow us to provide a timely response to the needs of the sector.

Bioclimatic building

We work on the design, development, adaptation, integration and validation of bioclimatic solutions in buildings, through the use of advanced energy and fluid dynamics design and simulation codes, equipment and tools for measuring energy consumption and savings in real conditions as well as optimized control strategies developed in-house for energy management.

We carry out energy efficiency studies of buildings and unique bioclimatic solutions.

We have the knowledge, tools and specific means for the building energy certification, using recognized methodologies for simulation and experimental validation.

Energy rehabilitation of buildings

We conduct building energy audits and certifications, having the knowledge, experimental means and codes appropriate for said work.

We actively collaborate (design, execution and use) in projects and actions for the energy rehabilitation of buildings and districts, defining and providing unique bioclimatic solutions, evaluating economic, energy, environmental and sustainability criteria and indicators.

We provide products and technology of our own development for the renewable energy generation and energy savings in buildings, optimizing the overall energy performance of comprehensive building rehabilitation solutions.

We develop studies and Life Cycle analysis. 

Road infrastructure

We analyze and improve road infrastructure considering its environmental impact and safety. We evaluate design, signage and conservation to propose solutions that guarantee the safety of users.

We develop equipment, technological solutions and computer tools to carry out diagnoses based on statistical data, with cost/benefit analysis to optimize resources. We offer specific programs and sensors to manage traffic in real time, improving road safety. We work on the identification of materials and technologies that reduce environmental impact, providing low energy consumption solutions for road sensors and information panels.

We have an Road Infrastructure Safety Laboratory, with about 25 hectares of land and 20.000 m2 of asphalt where we can reproduce any type of road infrastructure and on it, carry out controlled tests to evaluate the passive safety of the infrastructure elements, the operation of ITS systems or the interaction of users with them.