Research and development in the energy sector

One of our main bets is the research and development of clean technologies for renewable generation and efficient use of energy.

Renewable Generation

We work with a wide field of renewable energy technologies that allow us to minimize the use of fossil fuels and their associated emissions.

We have know-how own, calculation and simulation means for the design and optimization of the behavior of all types of energy systems.

We have facilities for carrying out tests on energy systems and components.

We develop specific energy solutions based on the concept of “distributed generation” taking advantage of endogenous resources.


We develop new equipment for the generation of electrical and/or thermal energy from agroforestry biomass, such as:

  • Cogeneration plants through biomass gasification
  • High performance biomass boilers.

We propose solutions maximum efficiency and profitability based on the needs (thermal and/or electrical demands) of the project.

We develop processes and technology for alternative fuel production such as biodiesel, bioethanol or biomethane.

We work on the development of processes at different scales throughout the value chain, from the development of the production process in the laboratory, the scaling in a pilot plant and final industrialization.

Efficiency and sustainable mobility

We work on developing solutions that allow improve energy efficiency and the implementation of sustainable mobility, through:

  • The development of models and methods to reduce energy consumption in the residential, industrial and transportation sectors.
  • Optimizing the behavior of renewable generation components.
  • The introduction of new, more efficient and clean technologies such as the electric vehicle.
  • The improvement of propellants with hybrid solutions or alternative fuels.
  • Research in the generation of hydrogen and its integration in the automobile, railway or aeronautical sectors.


Hydrogen currently stands as a key element for the decarbonization of the economy and the energy sector. In this sense, CIDAUT works on the development of technology based on renewable hydrogen throughout its entire value chain, with the energy sector being one of the largest fields of application of these technologies from generation to final use.