Railway sector in Cidaut


Development of railway components and structures

We collaborate on projects and developments with rolling stock manufacturers, operators and railway infrastructure managers. We have knowledge, experimental means and tools that allow us to provide a timely response to the needs of the sector.

Engineering and design

In our comprehensive approach, we specialize in the development of new products for vehicles, from the conception of components to the choice of materials and prototypes. We prioritize the improvement of the structure and equipment to guarantee comfort and safety.

We focus our efforts on generating knowledge and providing technical solutions to optimize the vibratory behavior of rolling stock, improve perceived quality and analyze the impact, integrating new materials and energy absorption systems. We are dedicated to researching lighter materials to maintain or improve dynamic and structural behavior.

We provide technical solutions and strategies for efficient air conditioning, as well as the cooling and ventilation of components, also investigating the reduction of vibrations and noise levels. We have advanced calculation and simulation tools, supported by various laboratories to verify and validate solutions.


We collaborate with the main operators and maintainers of rolling stock, developing technology, equipment and diagnostic tools that allow evaluate, diagnose, maintain and verify the operating status of the main systems and elements of railway rolling stock.

We are experts in monitoring techniques, diagnostic algorithms and materialization of equipment and test benches, with a significant implementation in workshops and railway rolling stock maintenance companies.


We develop tools and technology to facilitate maintenance of railway infrastructure.

We generate knowledge in the concepts of vibration and noise transmission, researching new materials and solutions that allow minimizing transmission to the environment and its relationship with maintenance.

We investigate new concepts that allow the reduction of energy consumption as well as in the maximum use of resources.

Capacities and means

We have the latest generation experimental means and theoretical tools to service research in the railway sector.

We have the calculation and simulation codes more advanced that allow us to work on the design of products and processes for the sector.

To support these activities, we have powerful laboratories that allow us to verify and validate the solutions developed, including:

  • Materials characterization laboratory
  • Structural testing laboratory
  • Laboratory of new fuels and engines 
  • Acoustics and vibrations laboratory