Sail into the future with Cidaut

The Naval sector covers all activities related to the design, construction, maintenance and operation of vessels and maritime structures. This includes everything from commercial ships, such as freighters and cruise ships, to specialized vessels such as warships, submarines and oil platforms. The sector also encompasses port management, maritime logistics and technologies associated with navigation and maritime security. In a world where maritime transport is vital to global trade, The Naval sector faces the constant challenge of improving the efficiency, sustainability and safety of its operations.

Our Contribution to the Naval Sector

Our recognized track record as pioneers in research, development and innovation (R&D&I) applied in economic and transversal sectors has meant that the Naval area is also the object of our contribution. Our focus is on driving the competitive improvement of companies and the general benefit of society through advanced technological solutions. We offer unique added value to our clients in this sector through:

We use the latest technologies in computer-aided design and innovative materials to create more efficient, resistant and ecological boats.

We develop cutting-edge navigation and communication systems that improve maritime safety and optimize shipping routes.

We work on developing solutions to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through the use of new fuels based on H2 or their carriers, contributing to a more sustainable naval sector.

We apply automation and robotics technologies to improve the operation and maintenance of vessels, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Integration and collaboration

Our integration of capabilities, experts and scientific-technological infrastructure allows us to address the entire value chain of the naval product or process.

We collaborate closely with shipyards, shipowners and other players in the sector to develop and transfer technology that generates a significant positive impact on the market.