Technology dissemination and transfer services

Our developed knowledge of technologies and processes, as well as our capabilities and experience in the comprehensive management of R&D&I and the internal tools developed for surveillance and intelligence, allow us to make available to client companies a strategic and operational consulting service in R&D&I. Includes:

Surveillance and intelligence

Essential tool to detect opportunities for technological innovation and new ideas that facilitate improvement of processes, products and services in the company. It is basically a study of available and emerging technologies related to your products/processes/services. Other more specific services are included within this technological surveillance service, such as:

  • Technology forecasting service
  • Technological prospective service
  • Competitive surveillance service
  • Commercial surveillance service
  • Environmental surveillance services

Aid management

Starting from the prior analysis of the investments/R&D activities that the client wishes to carry out, we help them define projects that may fit into open programs or calls of a regional, national and international nature or that are expected to be called. in order to obtain financial aid. The services applied to investment projects, R&D projects or innovation projects can cover the entire value chain of the process:

R&D taxation

The CIDAUT Foundation offers the following services: 

  • R&D&I Identification
  • Analysis and diagnosis
  • supporting documentation
  • Company support
Transfer of technology
  • Support in the preparation of contracts, agreements and/or agreements associated with the transfer of technology.
  • Support in the acquisition of technology by identifying the technological needs of the client company.

Intellectual Property

The CIDAUT Foundation offers specialized services in Industrial Property, with the aim of strengthening the technological strategy of the client company and improving the management of its industrial property assets, both patents and trademarks.

Patent box

CIDAUT offers its clients full management of tax relief through PATENT BOX, specializing in services such as: 

  • Determination of the cost of creating intangible assets and income in the field of R&D.
  • Preparation of technical and economic reports that support the valuation of intangible assets.
  • Analysis of third-party use license contracts to determine the correct amount to apply.
  • Continuous support on the correct accounting and tax application of the incentive.

Broadcast services

  • Publication of technological offer (Innoget Cloud, etc.). open service
  • Supply and demand for innovation
  • Support in publication in scientific, technical, sectoral, business, professional or sectoral journals, etc.
  • Support in contributions to scientific conferences, technical conferences, forums, professional conferences.
  • Support in participation in parallel activities at national or international professional or new technology fairs.
  • Public disclosure: press releases and brochures explaining the project.
  • Preparation and dissemination of offers or catalog presentation of the product/process/service
  • Web dissemination.
  • Carrying out promotional days, etc.
  • Support for incorporation into Networks, Technological Platforms, Clusters, etc. in the fields of Transport and Energy.

Cataloging of historical vehicles

CIDAUT is in charge of carrying out all the procedures until obtaining the Cataloging Resolution from the General Directorate of Industry.

  • Reception of the application
  • Prior review of all vehicle documentation (circulation permit, ITV card, certificate of technical characteristics, foreign documentation, photographs of the general condition of the vehicle, bibliography, ...).
  • Vehicle inspection.
  • Preparation of report and presentation to the General Directorate of Industry.
  • Reception of the Resolution and sending to the applicant.

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