Cidaut Alliances


Research and technological development

Research and technological development comprises the majority of the Center's activity. Its research programs are related to the current technological challenges associated with materials, processes, y products, transportation safety, Energy y environment, 4.0 industry, smart mobility, and acoustics y vibes.

Main lines of technological specialization

Materials process product

  • Makings: Thermoplastics, thermostables, composites, etc.
  • Design of products
  • Process design: Injection, forming, RIM, composites (RTM, LRI, infusion), automoatization, etc.

transportation security

  • Active security
  • Passive security
  • Accidentology
  • Road infrastructure
  • Human factor
  • Motorcyclist safety

Energy and environment

  • Hydrogen technologies
  • Biomass
  • Energy efficiency
  • Revaluation of by-products

Industry 4.0

  • Digitization
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Process virtualization

Smart mobility

Intelligent, sustainable, autonomous and integrated transportation.

Acoustics and vibrations

Transfer of technology

Advice for innovation and technological services

Each of the Center's technical capabilities, both experimentation and numerical simulation, are available for execution in isolation or as part of a broader R&D&I project. These technologies are made available to companies to support their internal R&D&I lines, together with the experience of the CIDAUT Foundation technicians.

Diffusion and technological transfer
  • Surveillance and intelligence
  • Technology diffusion
  • Aid management
  • Taxation of R&D&i
  • Intellectual Property
  • Dissemination services and aspects that favor the transfer of knowledge
  • Cataloging of historical vehicles