Cidaut technological services

Technological services

The CIDAUT Foundation, as a provider of Advanced Technological Services, makes its capabilities, both in experimentation and numerical simulation, available to companies for isolated execution or as part of a broader R&D&I project. Operationally, the technological services offered by the center can be divided between: R&D studies applied to product (design and development studies, process studies and analysis and diagnostic services) and Technical calculation services (essays).

R&D studies applied to product

Design and development

  • Design and development of mechanical manufacturing products
  • Design and development of polymer products and other components
  • Design and development of molds and dies
  • Design and development of electrical, automatic and electronic systems

Studies applied to process

  • Plastic injection
  • Extrusion, reactive extrusion and compounding
  • Advanced composite materials processing

Advanced Diagnostic Analysis Services

  • Dimensional metrology
  • Vibroacoustic diagnostics and sound quality studies
  • Human factor in transportation
Technical calculation services

One of the most important technologies used in the development of a product is technical calculation or simulation. At CIDAUT we have the know-how and experience gained in the execution of a multitude of development and research projects, more than 60 people who are specialists in calculation, as well as several clusters for calculation.

In the development of a new product it is very important to have the ability to fully encompass the multiple disciplines it encompasses. In this sense, the technical calculation team has extensive experience tackling complete vehicle projects, from its concept to its validation, in addition to a great capacity for adaptation that allows us to identify with the specific demands and objectives of each project and client.

  • Key technology: Materials characterization 
  • Typology of calculations
  • Development and virtual validation of vehicles and components


  • Acoustics and vibration tests
  • Macrostructural characterization tests of materials
  • Microstructural characterization tests of materials
  • Structural tests
  • Safety tests in road infrastructure
  • Passive safety tests
  • Photometry tests
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