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The corporate figure that manages and governs the center is a Foundation that is currently made up of 18 partners (3 institutions and 15 companies).

Key structure in the Foundation

The representation, administration and governance of the Foundation is in charge of a Board of Trustees, made up of a member of the University of Valladolid (Vice Chancellor with responsibility for R&D&I), industrial representatives (RENAULT ESPAÑA SA, MICHELIN ESPAÑA PORTUGAL SA, LINGOTES ESPECIALES SA, GRUPO ANTOLÍN INGENIERÍA, MECANICAS DE PRECISION BOECILLO AEROSPACE SL) and people of recognized prestige in the scientific, technological or industrial fields.

The Board of Trustees delegates the management and operational control functions of the Foundation to a Steering Committee, which is made up of the Director and the deputy director of the Foundation and responsible for Administration-Dissemination and Technology Transfer and those responsible for production, Quality and HR.

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Our team comprises 185 employees, with 70% holding university degrees. We have entered into research and development contracts with over 400 companies, both nationally and internationally. We are members of 38 associations, clusters, or platforms related to our areas of activity, half of which are international in scope.

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