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In our structural test lab we conduct mechanical tests in relation to the energy and transport sectors.
Among the wide range of tests we perform on parts and prototypes, the following stand out: production control, part durability, and specification compliance (rigidity, fracture, vibration...).

Structural testing

Given the particular characteristics of each part and the special requirements that are imposed on it according to its final application, a test becomes a complex process in which the real boundary conditions to which the component will be subjected must be reproduced.

These calls for the design and manufacture of special tools that enable us to test under the desired conditions. To this end, the structural test lab works side by side with other departments at the Centre – mainly the design and simulation department and the manufacturing workshop, which allows us to shorten production times, meet each client's needs and improve our response to the project’s changing situations.



Equipment and installations

We have a wide range of equipment devoted to the performance of structural tests, among which several high-performance machines (up to 2.5MN), climatic chambers, saline fog, and up to a total of 20 general-purpose hydraulic actuators, stand out. They allow us to perform tests of up to 1,000kN and vibration behaviour tests, enabling us to offer our clients a wide range thereof.

Additionally, we have equipment to conduct very specific tests, such as a bushing characterisation bench and torque test benches (up to 11,550nm). This equipment is rounded off with a series of auxiliary sensors – pressure, temperature, motion, acceleration, rotation, etc., which allow us to design highly complex tests.

In addition, we have equipment and installations (pumps, actuators, servovalves, etc. designed to work with Skydrol) specifically developed to meet the requirements in the field of aeronautics.



Development test methods 

The versatility of our equipment makes it possible to test at full scale and/or with high loads. Due to the size and/or loads involved, these high-performance tests can be designed to be conducted in our facilities, outdoors, or in the facilities where the particular part is housed (field testing).

Our lab personnel are very skilled in the use of the extensometric instrumentation required for this type of tests. In addition, our lab has up to 200 measurement channels, which enables us to test large-size parts while simultaneously controlling a large number of parameters.



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