STEM careers

Cidaut's commitment to promoting STEM careers

Cidaut plays a key role in the promotion of STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and reducing the gender gap in these areas. As a Technology Center, it collaborates closely with educational institutions, from vocational training to universities, seeking show students the practical usefulness of STEM studies and career opportunities availables.

Technology Centers play a vital role as intermediate entities in R&D and training, promoting collaboration with educational institutions at different levels, including the training of trainers. Its objective is to demonstrate the relevance and practical application of STEM studies and their employment possibilities, especially given the decrease in students in these areas in Europe. It is critical to reverse this trend and the gender gap, where women in STEM are disproportionately few. 

Initiatives such as "technology camps" and collaboration with the ASTI Foundation's STEM TALENT GIRL program demonstrate Cidaut's commitment to creating role models and early promotion of STEM careers to inspire and train future generations.

At Cidaut we collaborate in the STEM Talent Girl program that contributes to developing the STEM Talent of our young women and ending the gender gap in these subjects. This program aims to help educate, inspire and empower the scientific and technological leaders of tomorrow, as well as offer them information and help them decide their future.

One of CIDAUT's priorities is to reverse the current trend when it comes to taking STEM degrees both in Vocational Training (FP) and at universities, a gap that is even greater when talking about female talent, in which case students who study STEM disciplines They continue to represent reduced percentages compared to the male gender. For this reason, it actively collaborates with VET, Baccalaureate and University training centers to show students in the early stages of their education the opportunities of STEM careers, the usefulness of the studies they carry out and their practical application, as well as professional opportunities. what it can mean.

CIDAUT has been working for more than 12 years to promote this type of practices in terms of research and technological innovation for university graduates and higher vocational training graduates, through training agreements with different vocational training centers, Baccalaureate and University.

Furthermore, to reduce the gender gap, it promotes its researchers to be references for other young people and women, so that they can prepare adequately and, in the future, be qualified to occupy positions of responsibility in any entity in which they develop their careers. professional.
In recent years, visits have been made to educational centers, masterclasses, workshops, conferences and orientation sessions with the aim of letting them know, from the hands of our researchers, what is done in Cidaut and the interest of STEM degrees in the activities of the R&D of the Center to be able to cover the entire value chain.

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