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Technology ServicesAcoustics and Vibrations

We perform experimental tests both in the lab and in situ in order to determine the acoustic and/or vibration behaviour of materials, components and even entire systems (as in the case of vehicles) in the Transport, Construction, Environmental and Industrial sectors.

Vibroacoustic characterisation of materials and components

Determination of the intrinsic mechanical properties of materials:

  • Damping, Young’s modulus, and shear modulus with regard to frequency and temperature
  • Static air flow resistivity, tortuosity, and viscous and thermal characteristic lengths (with CARAM software and measuring equipment) of porous materials


Vibroacoustic characterisation of materials and components

Determination of the extrinsic properties of materials and components:
  • Sound absorption at normal incidence (impedance tube) and random or diffuse incidence (reverberation chamber, Alpha Cabin), sound insulation (semi-anechoic chamber – reverberation chamber), insertion loss (Petite Cabine)
  • Design and acoustic characterisation of conduits for aeronautics (SDOF and MDOF systems, bulk absorbers): acoustic resistance and reactance
  • Vibration isolation
  • Structural damping

Testing on vehicle components and whole vehicles, machinery and structures 

  • Modal analysis of vehicle components and whole vehicles:
    • Structural and acoustic
    • Correlation and validation of simulation models
  • Frequency response measurements
  • Sound pressure level measurements
  • Sound intensity measurements (intensimetry)
  • Determination of sound power
  • Measurement of the operational mode shapes of structures



Random noise and vibration fatigue

Component squeak & rattle testing

  • Squeak & rattle testing + environmental and durability testing (3 axes)
  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Sound quality test

Material friction and stick-slip testing

  • Friction testing
  • Stick-Slip testing

Road surface and tyre testing

Acoustic characterisation of road surfaces both in-situ and in the lab:

  • Rolling noise testing:
    • Close Proximity (CPX) method
    • Controlled Pass-By (CPB) method
    • Statistical Pass-By (SPB) method
  • Rolling resistance
  • Sound absorption (MLS method, impedance tube, and reverberation chamber)
  • Mechanical impedance
  • Surface macrotexture
  • Intrinsic acoustic properties: air flow resistivity, tortuosity, and porosity

Tyre noise type-approval testing

  • Tyre noise testing
  • Pass-by noise testing


Sound barrier testing

Sound barrier characterisation:

  • In-situ experimental measurement of road and rail sound barriers
    • Sound absorption
    • Sound isolation
    • Sound diffusion
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