ACOUTRAIN Final Conference:
“Virtual certification of acoustic performance for rolling stock”
Brussels (Belgium),  7th November 2014
The ACOUTRAIN project is a EU-funded European R&D project focussed on the development of procedures and calculation tools to simplify the present noise TSI noise test. The 3-years project has 15 European partners and its main objective is to reduce the time and costs associated to the TSI Noise conformity assessment by developing procedures for acoustic virtual testing. The project is coming to an end in December 2014 and ACOUTRAIN Final Conference on the 7th of November 2014 was the perfect opportunity to present the project results.

Programme:The workshop was held at the Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Avenue Louise 91-93, B-1050 Brussels, and started around 9:00AM with a welcome speech from Dr. Philippe Citroën, Director General of UNIFE. Mr Jean-Marie Bodson, Technical Director of Standards & Regulations at Alstom Transport introduced the project together with the technical coordinator, Mr Nicolas Furio from UNIFE.The main results of ACOUTRAIN were presented during a full day event, structured in 5 main sections:

  • Session 1 – Basic tools for virtual certification.
    • Introduction to concepts of Virtual Testing
    • Virtual Vehicle, process flowchart (WP1)
    • Software definition + demonstration (WP4)
    • Validation of software (WP4)
  • Session 2 – Noise sources characterisation.
    • Rolling noise: how to use TWINS; wheel roughness (WP2)
    • Vehicle Source characterisation measurements (WP3)
    • Integration effects (WP3)
  • Session 3 – Methods related to virtual certification.
    • Separation/transposition procedures (WP2)
    • Simplified method (WP1)
    • Specific situations, other metrics, use for
    • END (WP1)
  • Session 4 – Example application: NAT Case study.
    • Measurement Campaign
    • Modelling Concept
    • Results
  • Session 5 – Virtual testing within certification.
    • Procedures: ACOUTRAIN proposals
    • Discussion
    • Summary of outcomes, open issues
    • (Recommendations for future research)

The Final Conference was an opportunity to discuss about virtual certification. A dedicated session for questions and answers was opened in the last part of each session.