More than 50 experts attended the final event.

The main results and conclusions obtained during MetalMorphosis were presented in Ghent on the 24th of February 2016. The event was hold in the Belgian Welding Institute facilities and more than 50 experts from different technology fields attended the event.


Every partner in the consortium presented the work done, the knowledge acquired and the next challenges to be faced. The main conclusion of the event was that MetalMorphosis project has been an important step forward in the consolidation of the hybrid joints metal-composite in the automotive sector.

Centimfe as project coordinator presented the main milestones covered by the project and the general targets achieved. Ideko and Cidaut focused their presentation on material selection, process optimization and product design. The joining technology was mainly described by Belgian Welding Institute and Poynting, while the life cycle assessment was explained by Stam.

Finally, each of the end users involved in the project presented their demonstrator. In the case of Tenneco, the bottom closing of a monotube shock absorber was used as a case study. The welded steel loop was therefore replaced by a composite part in PA66 with glass fibres produced by injection moulding. This solution has the advantage of producing lighter shock absorbers (15 % saving) while keeping the requirements for a structural part. The technology can be integrated easily in the manufacturing process, keeping the product at an acceptable cost for the market.

Tool Presse presented his hybrid solution (metal-composite) for a pedal brake with a 17% weight saving and important reduction on cost and production process time. The prototype presented was previously validated attending to the requirements defined during the project.

Regeneracija showed his frontal bumper manufactured in aluminium and CFRP. The manufacturing process has combined RTM with electromagnetic joining in order to obtain a 50% lighter component fulfilling all the requirements of this kind of component.


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