Ciderplus Energy Box: efficient, smart, connected and renewable energy generation

Ciderplus Energy Box (CEB) was presented in the “Innovation Gallery” of GENERA 2017, the Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, held in Madrid from February 28th to March 3rd. This gallery is intended to serve as a showcase for dissemination and promotion of new products with clear innovative features.


In this edition, among the fourteen cutting-edge projects dealing with energy efficiency and renewables, CIDAUT presented an alternative for efficient, smart, connected and renewable energy generation. The so-called CEB is a solution that allows the local production of renewable heat and power with a high energy efficiency level. It is a compact, modular, portable and easy to install system that enables the supply of thermal energy for heating and domestic hot water purposes. To this aim, biomass and/or solar energy are used. In addition, the module is complemented with a photovoltaic canopy combined with a battery electric storage in order to cover the CEB self-consumption and manage any electricity surplus that can demanded in the surroundings or even used in a electric vehicle charging station.