CIDAUT presents Safe Strip’s midterm results at Go Mobility

Go Mobility was held in Irun, Spain on November 27th and 28th

Go Mobility has been the first industrial exhibition of Southern Europe, it has attracted 70 exhibitors and 2150 professional visitors. The exhibition has brought together representatives of the electro-mobility ecosystem. Exhibition, demonstration, conference and round table have run in parallel to attract different professional profiles from students to cities.

An initial study of the satisfaction surveys filled in by the exhibitors and visitors shows that they rated the show positively as regards both the products on display and the conferences and side events. The exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with the visitors profile and the quality and variety of Go Mobility’s side events , which have served as a forum for discussion and reflection on the challenges of future sustainability.

Safe Strip poster presented in Go Mobility

In the poster zone, Cidaut has presented Safe Strip project. In these days the project has reached its midterm, when all the use cases have been fixed and the technical solutions have been chosen. The poster showed the most important results on the sensors development and miniaturization, the communication solutions to be applied, the demonstrators to be used and the different test tracks for testing.

The profile of the people having interest on the profile is technicians experts on communication, sustainable mobility and safety.


Launch of SAFE STRIP project with the participation of CIDAUT.

Safe Strip is the natural continuation of Safe Spot, where CIDAUT also played an important role.

SAFE STRIP aims to introduce a disruptive technology that will achieve to embed C-ITS applications in existing road infrastructure, including novel I2V and V2I, as well as VMS/VSL functions into low-cost, integrated strips markers on the road; to make roads self-explanatory (with personalised in-vehicle messages) and forgiving (due to advanced cooperative functions) for all road users (trucks, cars and vulnerable road users, such as PTWs riders) and all vehicle generations (non-equipped, C-ITS equipped, autonomous), with reduced maintenance cost, full recyclability and added value services, as well as supporting real-time predictive road maintenance functions

Last June the kick of meeting of Safe Strip was held in Thessaloniki, Greece. The consortium of Safe Strip is formed by 18 partners from 6 different countries. The initial meeting was very fruitful, it included the organization of the fore coming events for this month, to be hold all of the in CERTH installations at Thessaloniki, Greece:

  • 25th of September: Safe Strip Technical Workshop
  • 26th of September: 2nd Plenary Meeting of the project
  • 27th of September: 1st Pan-European Safe Strip Workshop


Safe Strip consortium has released a User Needs Survey to identify stakeholder needs and formulate primary use cases that will define the context and development of the project.

This survey is designed for a broad public comprising road users, transport service providers, policy makers, researchers, OEMs, road infrastructure operators and constructors, public authorities, tier 1 & 2 suppliers, ITS associations and experts.

You are kindly invite to spread the word and feel free to complete the questionnaire here.

Completing the questionnaire should take no more than 15-20 minutes of your time.

The survey will be open until 30 September 2017.