On March 26th, Cidaut had the opportunity to participate in the workshop “Lean & Learn” about applying Lean Concepts in Project Management

05/19/2015 by cidaut

It was organized by the Association for Organizational Learning SoL Spain (www.solspain.org). SoL Spain, is a community that share an interest in developing skills necessary for organizational learning to achieve fundamental changes in people and their organizations.

Persei Consulting, TECNALIA and CIDAUT share their business experiences in Lean Projects Management. Persei Consulting described their experience applying Scrum and agile methods in the management of software development projects, Tecnalia went into detail explaining the adaptation of these methodologies in their projects and pilot areas, and CIDAUT shared our experience deploying the Lean Project Management methodology.

Lean Project Management (LPM) is the application


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Valladolid has launched the world’s first smart pedestrian crossing

03/13/2015 by cidaut

Maybe some of you have already seen it on the media, but for those still unaware… Valladolid has launched the world’s first smart pedestrian crossing!!!


Within the framework of the VRUITS European Project (Improving the safety and mobility of vulnerable road users through ITS applications), and thanks to the close collaboration with the Valladolid City Council, CIDAUT has installed an intelligent system that solves the problem of people detection and counting in all kind of environments using a brand new technology.


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WASIS: Vibro-acoustic characterisation of the CFRP fuselage section

03/12/2015 by cidaut

As one of the last activities carried out within the WASIS FP7 Project, Cidaut performed the vibro-acoustic characterisation of two components, firstly one test panel and secondly the largest fuselage section (1m diameter prototype). In both cases the study covered low and high frequency ranges. The aim of this activity was to validate FEM/BEM models for low frequency range and SEA models for high frequency.


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Advanced Composite Integrated Skin Panel Structural Testing – Results from Clean Sky ACID Project

03/11/2015 by cidaut

Stiffened panels are required in structures which can be obtained by different processes. They can be made by attaching stiffeners to a thin panel or by producing integrally stiffened panels. An innovating manufacturing process based on Liquid Resin Infusion (LRI) can be employed for obtaining integrally stiffened panels. It is based on moulding a dry NCF (Non Crimp Fabric) pre-form of Carbon fibre plies, which is bonded by a one-shot injection process to high stiffness, pre-cured pre-preg T-section stiffeners. This method presents benefits like lower costs in machining and fewer assembly operations.



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On the 24th of March, CIDAUT will hold an Exploitation Strategy Seminar in the frame of METALMORPHOSIS FP7 European Project

03/10/2015 by cidaut


In a few weeks, the nine partners of METALMORPHOSIS will meet to celebrate the forth Steering Committee Meeting. The overall aim of the project is to develop a new range of novel metal-composite hybrid products for the automotive industry, using the new and innovative electromagnetic pulse technology, which is highly suitable for joining dissimilar metal products. The current application range of this technology will be extended during the project towards joining of composite and metals. Mechanical joints like bolting or


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LIFE+ New Jersey Project event in Brussels: Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure in EU Regions

03/09/2015 by cidaut


On March 3rd, a diffusion event organized by the European Road Federation about works carried out on New Jersey project (New Generation of New-Jersey safe barriers using recycled materials and rubber form end-of-life tyres) took place. This event was held in Brussels, at the Committee of the Regions, the EU’s Assembly of Regional and Local Representatives, matching a meeting of the Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE) group of the Committee of the Regions.

All New Jersey Project


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01/19/2015 by cidaut

Brussels (Belgium),  7 November 2014


The project ACOUTRAIN has come to its end, and its final event was held last November in Brussels, organised by UNIFE.

About 50 railway experts participated in the event, gathering a broad set of expertise in different knowledge fields like rolling stock manufacturers, testing laboratories, notified bodies for rolling stock homologation and representatives of the European Railway Agency.



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Final workshop of Cenit TARGET at AIRBUS

01/15/2015 by cidaut

On December 5th, the final workshop of the Cenit TARGET project was held at AIRBUS premises in Getafe (Madrid). This research project, focused on smart and environmentally sustainable technologies for the production of structures made of composite materials, has been founded by the CDTI (Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial), organism depending of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

cenit_targetAirbus facilities in Getafe (Madrid)


The event highlighted the main achievements reached by the 12 partner companies: Airbus Operations, Acciona Infraestructuras, Aernnova, Applus, Aciturri, Airbus Defence & Space, Hexel, Idec, MTorres, Sairem Ibérica,


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Final Event for the Green eMotion Project to be held in Brussels February 2015

01/15/2015 by cidaut

The Green eMotion project is coming to its end next February. After four years of developing interoperable solutions for EV, analyzing standardization and infrastructure needs, and establishing the electric grids requirements, the project has reached its objective to support the roll out of EV in Europe.

Among other results, the project has successfully:

Developed a marketplace and a clearing house that will allow Electric Vehicles (EV) drivers across Europe to connect their vehicles in different charging points. Carried out several standardization activities on communication and identification to propose new standards. Defined the infrastructure requirements, as well as the basis for the future requirements on ...

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Free-Moby’s First Review Meeting

01/15/2015 by cidaut

The first review meeting of Free-Moby project was held last December in Brussels. Free-Moby is a three years FP7 founded project focused on the implementation of easy to deploy micro fully electrical vehicles and city EVs.


Figure 1: Schedule of the Vehicle to Home (V2H) connection and communication to optimize the performance of the harvested energy.

All the partners involved in the activities developed during the first twelve months of the project were present in the meeting. Cidaut presented the results of


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