The ALMAGIC consortium met in Munich last July 13-14th to kick-off the project. All partners gathered at “MTU Aereo Engines AG” facilities to present the working plan and the tasks to be carried out during the next 18 months.

ALMAGIC, Contract No. 755515  is a Clean Sky 2 funded Project, “Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys Green Innovative Coatings”, aims at contributing to the advance of substitution of hexavalent chromium in the aerospace materials by developing and manufacturing alternative conversion coatings for aluminium and magnesium, with a special focus on the characterization of these alternative coatings ensuring standards of quality required by the aerospace industry.


All partners introduced their companies, highlighting their respective role in the project: AKZO NOBEL, HELMHOLTZ, HENKEL, TUDELFT and UCM are coordinated by CIDAUT.

During the meeting, all work package leaders presented their work plan. At the same time a workshop was organized, where the project tasks were managed in detail for each of the work packages. For this, the Lean Project Management methodology was used.

In ALMAGIC, CIDAUT will lead the project and will also be responsible for the characterization and validation of the alternative coatings developed during the project.