On September 26th, CIDAUT and the FP7 funded EVolution project were involved in the European Researchers Night, This event organized at Valladolid’s Science Museum is part of the dissemination activities coordinated from a European Commission funded project called Scientists for a better word.


This initiative aims at disseminating the European researchers work to a broad audience, in fact to all citizens, to raise awareness of the work done and the impact it has on society and in competitiveness for the local and regional industries. Among other advantages, this event allowed CIDAUT and other organizations involved in research, to directly contact students to promote scientific innovation and development.

Cartel noche de los investigadores 2014

CIDAUT and Valladolid’s University presented Evolution (, a research project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. The objective of the project is to develop new materials which will significantly reduce the weight of the new generation of hybrid and electric vehicles. In particular, the work carried out developing light aluminium alloys and aluminium foams, as shown in the following image.
This open house dissemination event targeting the general population was the perfect example of transferring directly to society the effort that the European Commission is taking within their funded programmes. CIDAUT representative, Mr Jorge Martín, explained how Evolution project is promoting sustainable transport by designing a light weight EV. The impact of such a vehicle in the future cities by decreasing CO2 and noise pollution levels attracted strong interest among the visitors. It may be concluded that the event was a complete success in promoting research and innovation among the general population, as well as to raise awareness of the European Commission objectives with the Horizon 2020 programme.Valladolid’s Science Museum:

EVolution Project: